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FBK team of the ECOMODE consortium will participate in the 11th World Conference of Gerontechnology organized by ISG (International Society of Gerontechnology)​


ISG2018FBK team will participate in the 11th World Conference of Gerontechnology by presenting "​​Are mid-air gestures perceived as strenuous when used to interact with mobile technology by older adults?​" and "​​Investigating ​r​edundancy in ​m​ultimodal ​i​nteraction​ ​with ​t​ablet ​d​evices for ​o​lder ​adults".

The conference, taking place in St. Petersburg (Florida) on May 7-11, 2018, will bring together gerontechnology researchers from around the world to present their results and assess their implications for the development of practical solutions to problems faced by older adults and those who provide care for them.

In particular, aims of the conference are to explore how technology can:
a) Enhance quality of life and well-being;
b) Preserve autonomy and feelings of security, and
c) ​Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health and social care services​. ​

The conference is also designed to identify new research questions and new ways of addressing these.

For further details and information, please visit the conference website:​






It contains the 3 technological WPs: WP2 focuses on providing EDC hardware, WP3 focuses on computationally exploiting EDC technology for Gesture analysis and...