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The ECOMODE consortium came together at Experis in Madrid for a technical workshop to improve the User Experience and the recognition accuracy of multimodal interaction.


Madrid work small 1 Madrid work small 2The ECOMODE consortium partners met at Experis in Madrid on 15-18 of May 2018, to work together in a technical workshop to improve the recognition accuracy and the user experience of multimodal interaction with mid-air gestures and speech commands with mobile devices.

During the meeting, the project partners discussed and worked together on gesture, speech and lips recognition, software applications, user experience for both older adults and visually impaired people, and feedback and feedforward to boost the final improvements of the ECOMODE system.


It contains the 3 technological WPs: WP2 focuses on providing EDC hardware, WP3 focuses on computationally exploiting EDC technology for Gesture analysis and...