A spell for all game

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Choose your gender: Male Female Show both genders. This non-official walkthrough was heavily influenced by the three old walkthroughs. Many parts, especially in the first chapters, are simply a copy of these, with some rearrangements in order to avoiding too much branching. I may have missed a few minor scenes and some dialogues here and there, and probably some events that seemed straightforward to me have some hidden condition I didn't notice and thus didn't write in the walkthrough.

And there is always the possibility that some of the indications given are inaccurate, either because the game changed since when the first walkthrough was written, or because I misinterpreted some parts. Remember also that the purpose of the game is to have fun. This walkthrough will guide you through all the events, but won't show you every scene with every character, because most of them have no consequence on the story. It's up to you not to neglect your slaves' sexual needs.

There are also many hidden Stones and Books in town, including all of them in here is almost impossible. Wander around, explore every house and every corner, use the Clairvoyance and Pass spells. You may find many useful things that are not written here.

The settings can be changed from your phone. Most of them can be found under the "App" icon:. You can also minimize the left and right bars to show a minimal set of icons. Some of the icons will show useful information if you hover your mouse over them. The game has a built-in cheat mode. The cheat menu is then accessible in the Left Bar a spell for all game the game, at the left of the game window. Details on flags and other technical details are documented in the files in the folder "Development". Male and female players do affect a of events, notably how you learn the Possession spell.

One item, a strap-on, is unique to female player and is only present in the Explicit version of the game. These are major ways to play the game that considerably vary events in the game. There are three currently, some with variants. In this path you become Sir Ronald Gates' apprentice. In this path no killing will take place, outside of a few bad endings. In this path you refuse Sir Ronald Gates' apprenticeship. Parts of the game are ificantly reorganized, notably for money and the Clairvoyance spell. In this path Sir Roland Gates is killed and you are the prime suspect and can be the actual killer.

In this path people can be killedeither by accident or de. You demand Sir Ronald give you the Book, and argue over the book with Sir Roland and kill a spell for all game by accident. You demand the Book but leave before killing Sir Ronald, but then witness another killing him and will be considered the murderer.

Death can still take place in this path, you are just not personally responsible for Sir Ronald's death. Maybe others, just not his. These are semi independent, except some require the completion of others. These two arcs are interdependent and require Dragon Gem and The Demon to be completed:. Time passes in the game at the rate of 10 minutes per action outside and 5 minutes inside. Some actions take no time like checking items or your phone. Options to relax for a while take 1 hour or 30 minutes, depending on the location you are in.

Some events are unique to day time or night time. Additionally there are days of the week, with the game starting on a Monday. Some places are not open on weekends, for instance the Town Hall and the Bank. Some events only happen on certain days of the week, the game does tell you these criteria but they are not noted in your phone. You can spend the night in your bedroom, waking at 6AM.

Some friendly read "charmed" people will allow you to spend the night at their home too. Some things you may wish to save for night time, like using Stones or having sex again with charmed people. At night the spell Pass can be your friend and allow entry to some places otherwise locked. The following guides do not note spending the night and some of the steps listed below can vary where you leave some for the night time.

You'll be able to transform people after defeating Kurndorf and obtaining the soul bound crystal. Transformations are irreversible and only one can be selected, where more possibilities are offered. For all people except yourself and Davy Robbins you must first cast Charm on the person before being able to transform them. To cast the spell on yourself you need to learn of the Mirrors of the Soul in the Hidden Room, and then cast the spell there.

The Vampyre or Ms. Jones will give this information. Some options are always available, but some require specific selections. When seeking the Relic and Jesse phones, answer "cock" and then you can cast it on yourself female Player or Davy Robbins or one of the variations for Mother Superior, Louise and on Jenny. Male players can always cast it on themselves. You can change this choice, but not the effect of a transformation.

Visit your room and open your storage chest. Look through the Explicit porn magazines and look for the magazine "Erections" and select your interest in the magazine to alter this choice. This is a variant of the Clairvoyance spell and you can learn it in the Hystory Class. A word of warning about this last topic. The first time you try to use Hydromancy, you'll have visions of a demon.

The night after you'll dream the same demon, that will give you directions on how to reach her: from the Sacred Clearing teleport to Elian visible in the left column at night.

A spell for all game

This is a bad end. These are learned based on a point system. You start with 1 point once you pick up the book, and Tess's research and the Gold Worm give a small amount. Once you learn of the "Mirror of Souls" you can look in it and see the current total of experience and total of experience spent so far. Every 9 points you get the option to learn a training and the Book will start blinking in your inventory.

A spell for all game

Examine it. You can then consult with either Sir Ronald or Tess Adams to learn a new ability. On the Conspiracy Path Sarah can also teach you. You only need to examine the book once, the book will blink each time you get enough points. One hypnotic ability key to Mother Superior is learned separately from Mr.

Beasley; you still need the points to learn it. Another ability, "defending yourself with magic", is learned from Alison once you charm her. NOTE: Masculine charmsDefending yourself with magicPrecision transitionsAugmented hypnosis and Medium powers are necessary in order to progress the story.

Learn a spell for all game, in this order or with some minor variations, as soon as you can. The walkthrough will tell you when to learn which training in order to progress with the story. The other trainigs can be useful, but are not strictly necessary in order to progress with the story. In the following table you can find in which chapter is described how to meet and charm every character.

In the last column is also indicated how many variants exist to the charming process. Variants in italic require the Manipulative Charms training, while letters A, C and M indicate that the variant is available only on the corresponding path and variants in brackets are available only after the character is charmed.

Go to the Library and talk to Ms. Titus all options. Then visit the Reference area, talk to Monique all optionsexpand the right bar and give her the paper. She will tell you about Sir Ronald and the mansion he lives in. Find a Taxi and visit Sir Ronald. NOTE: Taxis have a random chance to appear at ranks. Politely introduce yourself and never demand the Book, and accept his apprenticeship when offered. Politely introduce yourself and never demand the Book, and refuse his apprenticeship when offered. Demand Sir Ronald to give you the book, then tell Sir Ronald that you must have the book. You can either:.

Pick up the Book and the money. Examine and then open the book. The two variations only differ from here in story text, the progression of the game is otherwise the same. Enter the School and talk to Beasley about Magic Stones. Exit the room and meet your friend Catherine.

Home, and a delivery girl will give you a package containing the Book and a little money. Pick up the Book, examine it and open it. Leave your home and check the SMS message. It is no longer needed, delete it if you want or keep for reference. Go to the School and meet your friend Catherine.

A spell for all game

Talk to Beasley, tell him you have the Book, but do not give it to him. If you do, it's game over. Go to the School and talk to Beasley, tell him you have the Book, but do not give it to him. Ask Mr. Beasley what mana does, then ask where to find Magic Stones. Exit the building, walk to the Park and look for Kate.

A spell for all game

She can be either in the Park or on the Park Bridge. The following event is otherwise identical. You have three choices: you can either go away, ask why she's in a hurry or insult her. The second one is the only that will let you have her as your willing girlfriend in the future but you will still be able to charm herthe other two will lock out all future events for her, except charming her. If you ignored or insulted her, pick up her address. Go to the Park Pathway, take the kite from the tree and pick up the string. Enter the Wild Ranges and get an Old Stone, but don't use it yet.

Explore the stones and talk to Seraphina when she says "Hello". This is your only possibility to meet her and as of version

A spell for all game

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A Spell For All