Adult game walkthroughs

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Adult game walkthroughs

Due to his own mistakes, the young protagonist of the game is forced to adult game walkthroughs some time outside of his house after a quarrel with his father. Yesterday, he led a lavish life filled with fun and parties with friends. Can he come up with a plan to return to back to his exuberant life?

Reminder: The choices made by the player can have a ificant impact on the development of the plot. Be careful and remember that you can always save the game in order to later load your save and try to make another choice. The main character is a man who just moved to a big city, where he gets a new job and wants to create a music group. Treasure of Nadia is the followup to Lust Epidemic.

In Treasure of Nadia you take control of a young man looking to fill the shoes of his recently deceased father and become a adult game walkthroughs treasure hunter. Along the way you will meet a variety of female companions, 12 to be exact! Continue reading. You play for Frank, the protagonist, who was imprisoned for 18 years. And suddenly he was released for unknown reasons. During this time, much has changed. The city was influenced by one person. There are gangs on the streets of the city. They are spreading a new synthetic drug Mirage.

Prostitutes do not smile at your meeting. Local merchants pay to others. You have just to go away from the hustle and bustle of the city and live alone. If it is about you, then do it you may not to read further But our hero is not like that. He is used to be the best in everything. If he has nothing, he will take it from others. And it is better not to get on his way.

Adult game walkthroughs

You will find a power struggle on the streets of the city. Relationship with different girls is an integral part of your future life. Now you will have a lot of them. The best girls, money, cars. All this will be with you. Our hero urgently needs work. His ex-girlfriend with her two daughters, took all his money.

He will certainly try to find her and get his money back. He works at a private college where young students study. In college, he meets with the sisters. In childhood, their father left them.

Adult game walkthroughs

Frank will replace their father, surrounding them with his love. Thankfully, they get an opportunity to move into big city and apply into a new experimental college. New live, new opportunities, and no oversight from an overprotective mom! Glamour tries to download files after the start make sure you disconnect from the internet adult game walkthroughs block it via firewall!

The main character wakes up in a hospital with memory loss. The story is happening around your character, who was unwilingly sent to his mother house. The city you have known before is now like different — so much has changed. Above all, after just one mistake you lost your siblings trust. He is the only child of a single mother and bears no ties to his biological father. The only time his father was brought up is when his mother briefly mentioned that they divorced when our hero was only an infant. He is a young adult ready to start University which, unfortunately, is located far away from his home.

Short on cash, he has no choice but to depend adult game walkthroughs Aunt Sarah for accommodation. As he uncovers each secret, his outlook on life is permanently altered. The question becomes. You are a young man that was offered a great opportunity for a new job and you decide to take it. You arrive at the Dusklight Manor to begin your new life and work, here you meet three wonderful girls that are under the tutelage of Mistress Clara, an enigmatic figure with more secrets than you can imagine.

The girls you meet are Lizzie Monroe, Mary Best and Lola Mod and you can build up relationships with each of them, depending on who you like more. The game is accompanied by a variety of sound effects, background music, adult animations and more. No comments. My Pleasure — Version 0. Become A Rock Star — Version 0. BadHero — Version 1. Glamour v0. Girl House — Version 1. Photo Hunt — Version 0. Indecent Desires — the Game — Version 0.

Adult game walkthroughs

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