Adult rpg maker game

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Adult rpg maker game

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Are we talking about a game with themes that include adult subjects, or a straight-up sex game? The first definitely has a place in RPGMaker circles. RPGs are a form of storytelling. Stories cover all aspects of the human experience, including heavy ones like rape, abuse, non-cartoony violence, etc.

But then, I'm also the person who once included rape in a story because the story was about slavery, and I felt that it would gloss over the nastiness of the entire slavery system not to have it happen.

Adult rpg maker game

So there are a of things to potentially balance, including things like realism, enjoyability, glossing over the crimes of historical or quasi-historical bad guys, characterization and character integrity. I guess what I'm saying is that these themes should be handled with care, but that's not the same as saying that they shouldn't be handled. The second one isn't really my thing, so I may not be the person to ask.

However, my instincts say that limiting content is usually a bad thing. TheoAllen Self-proclaimed jack of all trades. Afaik adult RM games has their own audience. Definitely not here though, but they're exist. Some adult games does have a legit good story, some only have the story as excuse and focus on the "contents". Either way, Adult rpg maker game believe the audience comes for the "contents".

And it's also different that RM games that happened to have an adult content, and the one that "focused" on adult content. A game that happened to have an adult content usually the one that focused on other thing yet it can't be helped but to include adult content such as violence, drug references, because your story requires such plot device to work.

The other one though, the one I know was aimed for a specific fetish community. The story was basically an excuse to make such fetish contents can be delivered. Which one you want to make? Andar Veteran. Ameer There is a very basic distinction here, which is the reason why I can't give you a direct answer. A lot of the so-called "adult games" around the internet aren't games at all, they're just badly connected and convoluted excuses to display adult pictures.

And those aren't worth the effort to download them. It is a lot of work to create a game - no matter what game we're talking about.

Adult rpg maker game

That would include an adult game that is worth the title "game". But a lot of people seem to think that they could replace that work with a few cheap picture, but that is simply wrong - you'll never be recognized for anything if you don't put any effort into it.

If yes, then I'll check it out. But if there is no substance left after all adult advertisements are removed, then I know that there is no substance to that product at all. And no, that is not prejudice - if anyone from the team working on that product had any skill in writing a story at all, that person would also have written the synopsis, and would have included reference to the story he or she deed for the game in that synopsis.

Adult rpg maker game

So if there is nothing inside the synopsis or the advertisement then I know that no one on the team was able to provide such a story. So no need to download something that has no real synopsis BK-tdm Manga Maker. Well it actually depends on how the project is made, what the target audience is and most importantly what "adult content" are we talking about herepeople will have different reactions, comments and suggestions parting from this.

Are you talking about one of those H games? Those have audience and the ones interested on it will come for the art and the tidbits relative to their interests, the focus will have to be on the part people will download this for. So, if you just wanna show off pictures, better them be good. To give a sense of "reality"? To hit the point home that the world where this story develops is not all cutesy or just fantasy? Not all "adult" content will be sexual oriented?

What subjects will you touch then? Substance use and abuse? Psychogical terror? There's plenty of horror games with blood and guts and splatters and whatnot, be them pixels or even pictures, and as far as i know, those are adult themes, not kid ones. TheoAllen said:. Click to expand BK-tdm said:. Silversmith said:. Andar said:. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, FrozenNorseman Shivering. Aim for that yourself. Ameer Adult rpg maker game do not double-post which is posting right after yourself as it's against the forum rules.

I've merged your posts this time, but if you want to talk to multiple people please just use ' ' instead of quoting their entire posts. FrozenNorseman said:. Ameer If you're new then make sure to read and follow the forum rulessince you just double-posted again and I merged them for you again. I say go for it, just know that the more adult your story is the more scrutiny you should be prepared for as your writing for an audience that generally has higher standards than younger players.

EDIT: fixed my spelling cause im still dumb enough to post from my phone touch screen. Last edited: Oct 23, VisitorsFromDreams Veteran. Theres no shortage of RPGM porn games on Steam, at least judging by what its constantly recommending me. I don't understand the appeal of low res pixel ta'tas but to each adult rpg maker game own. Ameer said:. I just read your synopsis It allows you to get to grips with mechanics, develop a battle system you like, experiment with plugins—the works.

It's a good place to start. And it has been used as a story starter in professional games, too. I recall that one storyline in Odin Sphere starts with the protagonist waking up in the land of the dead, and having to navigate his way out before tackling the other mysteries surrounding him.

Adult rpg maker game

So someone's "Escape from a Bad Place" starter can easily become part of a larger game later on. For instance, the game developer may be planning to explore the realities of war from the perspective of a civilian caught in it. Or they could be planning a horror game, and want to shed light on the inhumane practices in insane asylums during the early twentieth century.

That sort of thing. And I believe it clashes strongly with some plots. If I'm in a game where I have to collect the magic crystals from the temple of this or that, I don't want to be suddenly presented with a realistic depiction of torture. VisitorsFromDreams said:. Latest Thre. Completed Games. JS Plugin Requests. Latest Posts. Community Announcements and Events. Resource Requests. Latest Profile Posts. So, seeing as I need some motivation and feedback on my horror game project, I decided to release a preview build that contains the current progress.

It's probably a little buggy and adult rpg maker game not as polished as a demo or release would be, but I still implore you to check it out on Itch. Connected universes make me so happy I love seeing cameos or things hidden in the background from other parts of the universe.

Adult rpg maker game

Now that the Touch the Stars jam is done, the real fun part starts: checking out the games! I need some suggestions for a starting place, anyone interested in some feedback? Steam seems down. Can't update the game today. Spent the whole last month working basically everyday for some amount of time on One Final Wish my Touch the Stars game and today I can finally just It feels great but also I want to get right back into working on Untold Story. Newest members. Forum statistics ThreMessages 1, MembersLatest member blacklagoon.

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Adult rpg maker game

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