Amorous game uncensored

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Skye is a withdrawn vulpine cosplayer found seated in a booth at Club Amorous and is dateable by the Player as of the current version of Amorous v1. Upon meeting Skye, she is cosplaying as Renamon from Digimon series.

Amorous game uncensored

Despite this, it is very obvious who she is cosplaying as due to her fur color, as she naturally has the same figure as Renamon. In fact, Skye is shown to be quite voluptuous and has a more curvaceous body than she lets on, outside of revealing cosplays whence she draws a great deal of positive, male attention. Skye has two pierced ears and a pierced lower lip; she wears circular plugs or "earspools" in the former and a stud in the latter.

Skye's natural fur color is gray, which she dyes due to her insecurities. Skye is a shy, self-conscious, and insecure girl, using her cosplaying hobby as a means amorous game uncensored make herself feel more comfortable and outgoing when she is socializing. After talking to the Player for the first time, Skye is shown to be talkative and kind with them.

She also genuinely loves shopping. Despite being at Club Amorous when met, Skye hardly drinks and has admitted that she was out of her element and that her high-school friends bugged her to come. She prefers to go to weekend gaming meet-ups and conventions with her friends every few months.

Amorous game uncensored

Cosplaying has been part of Skye's life for a long time. She was afraid that no one would become real friends with her due to her plain fur color gray and white. Hence why she cosplays, as she feels more interesting and worthwhile when dressed as a character. Skye scribbles her for the Player on a drink receipt before she leaves to drive her friends home once you've talked to and consistently supported her about her cosplaying hobby.

The Player starts out waiting at the mall for Skye in the game store. When she arrives, the two discuss various games, as well as anime and cosplay, after which they leave to continue shopping in the rest of the mall. At the game store and around the mall, she is noticed, on of her cosplay and on of her attractiveness.

The Player amorous game uncensored unsure whether she doesn't perceive the sexual attention or simply chooses to disregard it. While Skye tries on clothes for a new cosplay at Foxytwo cliquish girls, Jacqueline Knight and Lunarfrom the Player's high school appear and make fun of the two. Skye and the girls get into a heated argument, but the Player helps to calm things down.

Though she is there with friends, Skye and the Player manage to spend some time alone together and play a DDR-type dance minigame. When she goes to a photo-shoot, she hands her autographed jacket to the Player, suggesting that they come to her house to return it another day. Skye welcomes the Player into her bedroomthen excuses herself to shower, leaving the bathroom door partially open. The Player is able to explore her bedroom, but she intends for the Player to eventually discover her in the shower with her fur dye rinsed out, revealing her natural gray color, of which she has been ashamed throughout her life.

If the Player accepts her, Skye is no longer afraid of herself, having regained her self-confidence and will to socialize with other people. The Player reassures Skye, and the two have an intimate "outercourse" encounter in the shower, with the Player ejaculating after their erection slips into her vagina a few times.

Skye then meets the Player on her bed, having sex. She gives the option of what color they'd prefer before sex: her yellow Renamon outfit, her blue Lucario outfit, or her natural gray. Amorous Wiki Amorous game uncensored. Wiki Content. Recent blog posts Watercooler Custom Skins.

Amorous game uncensored

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Amorous game uncensored

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