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At its zenith which, as any true fan will know, was seasons one to eight during the 90s the animated working-class residents of working-class US town Springfield had the power to make you feel everything there was to feel in less than half an hour. In its golden age, The Simpsons was silly, sweet, deep, fiercely political, absurd, sharp, sad and, above all, hilarious. Nothing before or since has matched its capacity to be at once so profoundly clever and so unbelievably stupid. The Simpsons has now been going for a whopping 28 seasons and more than episodes.

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It is the longest-running US sitcom in history, is regularly voted the best, and even has the brilliantly Springfieldian dubious honour of having predicted the ascent of President Trump more than 16 years ago.

The problem is that its longevity has become its achilles heel. How, after all, could a series about a family that, according to the unwritten law of animation, never ages, changes, or learns from its mistakes, keep going for nearly 30 years? The Simpsons probably jumped the shark about episodes ago.

Bad bart sex game

When Homer was no longer a flawed but essentially lovable everyman but what he had always threatened to be: a lazy, selfish, cowardly, Duff-swilling oaf? When it became criminally unfair that Lisa, the proto-Hermione whose intellect is forever overshadowed by her idiot brother, was still being ignored?

When the exceptional cast of supporting characters, from Comic Book Guy to Groundskeeper Willie, flattened into their own caricatures? Jump the shark The Simpsons. When good TV goes bad: how The Simpsons ended up gorging on itself. The first family of the US: the Simpsons. Photograph: AP. Chitra Ramaswamy. Mon 24 Apr Reuse this content.

Bad bart sex game Bad bart sex game

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