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Here's the top eroge games gathered in the same place for you. If you're new to eroge games, it's definitely something to check out! This genre involves erotic themes as these games were basically created as Japanese adult games. The come in many formats, such as eroge role playing games, eroge dating simulators and many more. We recommend to start playing from top of this list to find which ones best suit your own taste, eroge games pc all eroge game fans have their unique preferences.

If your own favourite eroge game is not found from the list, you can always add and vote it up to share it with other eroge fans of the community. Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A healthy fighting spirit is always valued and it is even an important factor for success at school. Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami Academy is always with his…. Milky Studio has since…. The player takes on the role of a guy living in a house together with up to five girls, and the general objective…. Arima Teppei lost his parents in a traffic accident.

His grandfather Isshin adopted him and ordered him to succeed the head of Arima Group Corporation. Shun lives alone with his sister Yuna after their father remarries. Yuna acts harshly to Shun and often yells at him for the slightest mistakes. This is a kill or be killed brutal and deadly love story. Can you stay alive all the way to the ending? The girls are all violently possessive eroge games pc go head over heels after sex. Every single one of them is sick!!

Please be aware that there are…. Next in line to manage a large corporation is our protagonist, Rei Sawatari. He inherited one very important item from his grandfather, the pocket watch. A mysterious power lurks within that pocket watch. Soutarou just manages to pay his school fees by doing part-time jobs. After helping his junior Umi and skipping his shift, he was fired from his part-time job and was having problems making ends meet. Umi felt responsible for his present situation…. Cum on down to the peaceful Bukkake Ranch, a good old farm out of the way from all the commotion and hubbub of the town, a place where you can relax and enjoy a quiet life with your four elementals: the salamander girl, Sara, the slime girl, Myil,….

Rance 01 — Hikari Quest —, released for Windows inhas the same setting as Rance — Hikari Quest —, and replaces the place of the latter in the main canon. The game featured an improved gameplay system, and features more…. Set in…. It was a stormy night. The choppy seas tossed Mizuki and Kenichi onto a deserted beach. Her enticing breasts barely contained in her bikini, she and he begin a solitary life of survival in this undiscovered, uninhabited island. Years later, an uneasy calm has descended on…. Our story begins with an ordinary guy named Yusuke about to start university in Tokyo who is looking for a place to stay when his father suggests that he stay with a friend of his.

He has no opinion either way on the subject but, then again, he…. This part focuses primarily on Azuki and Coconut and their sometimes contentious relationship as they struggle to find their place at the shop. The story takes place in a fictional universe where humans live in harmony with gods, resembling humans eroge games pc slightly pointed ears, and devils demons in the English dub of the animewho have more prominently pointed ears.

Despite their…. The game uses a traditional text and sprite-based visual novel model with an ADV-style…. In this ivory tower however, there are secrets the nobles keep even from each other. Deep below The…. After getting into a fight with her parents, Yui wanders the town at night. A friend suggest she a message board called Free Friends.

He later had sexual intercourse with both of his sisters and still engages in sex with his younger sister at her urging. The protagonist Loki, a divine being, s forces with the jotnar and denizens of Hel and invades Asgard, the world where the gods dwell. Just when it seems he has the whole world in his hands, Odin, the chief of the divine, takes a…. In the future, mankind has mastered interplanetary travel.

A young girl named Esk was born on Mars, but her father took her to…. The protagonist is your standard enigmatic hero who is found by Date Masamune and quickly named as her younger brother. They initially just have eyes…. Virgin Roster is a hentai computer game where the player is a rapist teacher in a schoolhouse. The game has a multiple-choice interface. In the game,…. School Days focuses on the life of Makoto Ito, a first-year high school student[10] living with his divorced and unseen mother in the fictional city of Haramihama.

Eroge games pc

During his second term, he becomes infatuated with Kotonoha…. This game directly follows the events of its predecessor. Rance, having defeated the demons of Helman and saved Leazas, is teleported to Ylapu, a giant floating island above Leazas. There, Rance must find a way to escape from the island, but is…. Fuminori Sakisaka is a young medical student whose life completely changes when he is involved in a car accident along with his parents, killing them and heavily wounding him, leaving him with a brain disorder, which symptoms manifest as an….

Nekopara is a series of erotic visual novel video games developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project. The first game in the series, Nekopara Vol. Budding composer Tendou Kawahara flees to Mongolia after being belittled by renowned composer Gen Mikami. In Mongolia, Tendou meets Kanon, a Japanese girl who has a talent for playing the violin. When her mother passes away suddenly, Shinozaki Sumire finds herself alone and without a means to support herself. Out of desperation she turns to the message board Free Friends to earn some money.

Eroge games pc develops a relationship with her first partner,…. Yusuke Sawada had just been transferred by his parents into a new school, Aiho Academy. But, unfortunately, his parents forgot to enroll him in the dorm, and the apartment he was planning on staying in burnt down as he arrived. While complaining…. Higurashi: When They Cry takes place during June in a fictional rural village called Hinamizawa based on the village of Shirakawa, Gifu, a World Heritage Site ,[4][5] which has a population of approximately 2, The main character,…. The protagonist of the story is a young high school girl named Ikumi Amasawa who discovers that Fargo was involved with the death of her mother Miyoko Amasawa six….

Eroge games pc

The protagonist, Kouta Koikawa, is having a problem. One day, fate…. Tomoya has already completed his first year of…. Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two consists of two eroge games pc. It consists of a prologue and two…. Like its preceding counterpart, the story is set in Fuyuki City.

Little Busters! When Riki washis parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. He was saved by a group—three boys and a girl, all his…. You are professor Hitosuji, a well-known teacher who possesses the remarkable gift of turning weak students into straight A ones. As you might have suspected, the talented professor uses somewhat…….

Cherry Petals Fall Like Teardropsis the third and last game developed by eroge maker BasiL, after their second installment Two One- before dissolving into what is now Navel. Yukari Fujisawa is a boy who works at the Platinum restaurant, an exclusive Italian eatery. He was employed for a strange and embarrassing reason:he was mistaken as a girl. The girls are good at figuring it out, but either they will either ruin his…. In the third game, you play as Takuya Aihara for the last time. To Heart is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Leaf and released on May 23, for Windows.

It was later ported to the PlayStation and given voice acting. Eiji Tachibana is a young Japanese transfer student beginning his first semester at an unmentioned, fictional junior college. Distant and unacquainted from the rest of the school, Eiji is, for the most part, a friendless and withdrawn boy. Rance 5D — Lonely Girl — is….

Eroge games pc

Leazas, a kingdom ruled by Queen Lia, who marries Rance in eroge games pc Brutal King Rance time-line, is invaded by the warring empire of Helman, to the west. Demons are believed to be the cause of the attack, and to solve that problem, Rance sets…. HuniePop is a tile-matching and dating sim adult video game created by American game deer Ryan Koons, under the alias of HuniePot. The visual novel Muv-Luv is divided into two parts. Kouhei Kagami is a Japanese student with excellent grades and a fairly normal social life, but feels empty and transparent inside. Rance is a role-playing video-game series created, developed, and published by AliceSoft.

The first installment, Rance — Hikari Quest —, was released…. The main character is Professor Hitosuji, an excellent and well-known tutor. He can turn failing students into straight A students. You control Takumi, an ordinary Japanese guy who likes following and observing pretty girls. Takumi is a normal guy who barely gets by with part-time jobs. One day, he was asked to attend the prestigious private school Rokuroku Gakuen while impersonating a rich student that looks just like him.

Although he was hesitant to accept this…. The vagabond youth of the first Dragon Knight, Takeru Yamato, wanders into a small town of Phoenix and finds it terrorized and devoid of young men. Phoenix had been once ruled by a group of powerful wicked witches until they were defeated by…. Umineko no Naku Koro ni is primarily set on October 4, on Rokkenjima, a small island privately owned by the wealthy Ushiromiya family.

Eroge games pc

Tokimeki Check-in! It was translated later by Peach Princess into English. The game has a multiple-choice interface with a lot of computer graphics. The series focuses on the lives of some students and teachers at Nadesico Academy both at school and their private lives. The main character of the series is Kamikura Hiroki, who lives with his younger cousin Elis. Hiroki is training to…. Shuji meets eight girls over the course of the year, any of whom can end up as his girlfriend — if the player makes the right decisions.

Eroge games pc

The setting and scenes are romantic: the game skips over the drudgery of school life and focuses…. The player character, Shinichi Kashiwagi, is lost. Dissatisfied with the direction his life is talking, he decides to get away from it all during his spring break and stay in the mountains in order to find himself. Towards the end of his…. Koichi and Eiichi are two brothers, who were separated after the suicide of their father and the collapse of his business.

Eroge games pc

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