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Yishan Wong, the chief executive officer of Reddit, has tried to explain why the site has not banned certain subreddits sections of the website where users share items connected to a specific topic despite banning the subreddit which contained the stolen pictures of nude celebrities. We do ban subreddits for breaking our rules, and one of them is repeatedly and primarily being a place where people post copyrighted material for which valid DMCA requests are being received.

This seems just a little disingenuous, considering the content of some subreddits that still exist. For instance:. There are hundreds of subreddits that are racist in tone and content. Many use the N-word in their titles or draw comparisons between black people and apes. In another subreddit, users share video clips and images of black men who are either dead or about to die, usually in violent circumstances.

Basically, they treat Reddit like DNS. Setting up a subreddit is like registering a domain name. What that domain name is used for is up to the owner. I'm sure if you asked registrars, they wouldn't feel obliged to be the moral police for people who use their services either. Take a look at the of subreddits that were launched on the first day when the zoe quinn and then was followed up by the mass topic deletions in gaming subreddits, which was then followed up by corruption in gaming subreddits.

And you'll see that half a dozen to a dozen subreddits were outright banned because Admins simply banned them, fappening torrent was no doxxing, there was no harassment in them. They were discussing the issues at hand If you make a rule against X and ban X-related subreddits but not rules against Y and Z, you're making a moral statement that Y and Z are more acceptable than X. SRS is awesome, and making fun of racists and sexist knuckledraggers is a pretty important service to fappening torrent community.

If we cant make klansman womenbeaters leave of their own voltiion, then maybe reddit isn't actually banning enough. I have no problem with probability.

Fappening torrent

Risk is simply fappening torrent attached to a bad outcome. I understand it very well. But unlike you I differentiate it from responsibility. The word risk is confusing you. The insurance company understands risks much better than you, and thus I'm inclined and just about every other human out there, barring SJW's to follow their logic much better than I follow your non-logic. I suppose you don't mean to imply that the fact he was there because of his job makes any difference?

Would you shift the blame in other circumstances? Or am I misunderstanding you? I wonder where the victim blaming comes from; I admit it's often my first thought until just a moment later a more rational part of the brain catches up and tells me I'm being unfair and wrong. Luckily I don't open my mouth in between. All this fuss, because the victims were famous. If someone posted naked pictures of any of us fappening torrent the internet, the police would laugh at us. Would the FBI get involved? Would subreddits get deleted? Hell no If there's any great tragedy in this whole mess, it's that it highlights the class divide in this country.

If you're famous, you get more rights than the rest of us. Thousands of people have their nude photos leaked to the net every day.

Fappening torrent

Reddits FULL of them. Suddenly now it's a big deal. I've no sympathy for these people, not because it's their fault, but because this is just a fappening torrent dose of what it's like to be normal. Cry me a river. If you want to stop the police from laughing at you, have your lawyer contact them instead of calling them yourself. From what I've been reading, some of the models were under 18 when the photos were taken, which makes those photos child pornography.

Hosting, linking to, ing, distributing, possessing, or downloading those particular pics is illegal. As far as the argument that "Nobody cares until it happens to a celebrity," sometimes a famous case that happens to a celebrity is what people need to get them to start caring about an issue.

Nobody really knew what ALS was until Lou Gehrig got fappening torrent, and it ended his baseball career and then his life. While the events themselves are regrettable, I think it's great that this has started a dialog about stolen pics and revenge porn. Look, there are plenty of people who willingly place themselves on display. In the past, the press was the only way of distributing news widely, and celebrities were the only ones who got press coverage.

Fappening torrent

Depending on your definition of 'celebrity', I suspect the Internet has changed that. Consider oh, I don't know, Tardar Sauce [facebook. A couple hyperlinks away is a detailed description of the disease, and you soon have worldwide visibility and education on what was otherwise a local concern.

Don't care how many celebrities got their nude selfies exposed, nor various websites' responses, nor that at least 1 celebretard was underage when she took her pix. If the fappening torrent who coined 'fappening' comes to San Diego and drops me a line, you get 1 free beer.

That one that might of been underage when the pic was taken, claimed that it wasn't a picture of her. So if that is not a pic of her, and thus could not of been when she was under 18, how is that child pornography? How about telling those celeb sluts to stop taking naughty selfies, or at least fappening torrent ing them all to The Cloud tm? Puritanical American blaming the victims. It's the same argument as telling rape victims they shouldn't have worn short skirts.

No, it's the same argument as telling people that if you want something to remain private and within your control, don't stick it on the internet. Is it wrong to cite the bad choices that a rape victim may have made, in a specific circumstance, like getting blackout-drunk in a semi-private party while surrounded by people that the victim might not know very well, when the nature gathering itself has helped whip up those in attendance into a higher state of sexual interest?

Fappening torrent

So there's a logical fault there. There's nothing wrong with advice to people about what ways they can minimise risk. But the time for that is before the crime, and the people to do that to are people that are in danger. Raising it after the crime, amongst a group of people who are not renowned for having photogenic bodies, reveals that it is just reducing the blame alloc. Raising it after the crime, amongst a group of people who are not renowned for having photogenic bodies, reveals that it is just reducing the blame allocated to the criminals, and that's wrong.

Then when is the appropriate time to raise it? After that hacking incidents in when Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson, and other actresses found their private fappening torrent pictures redistributed?

Fappening torrent

How about when Vanessa Hudgens' photos and Hayley Williams' photos were redistributed before that? How about when Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian had video of them having sex released prior to that? Be they technological faults or human failings that led to the information getting out, there's an established pattern that large portions of the public want to see this stuff, and that some who are motivated will go through ificant amounts of effort to make it happen.

If it exists it's at risk of being exposed. The only certain way to prevent it from being released is to not create it in the first place. The only close-to-acceptable way to create it and not have it be at risk is to not use a digital means. How about at a time when you are not attaching it to a fappening torrent victim or victims, in order to allocate blame to them.

The only close to acceptable way to protect yourself from being mugged is not to carry any money or valuables. Do you carry them? You know it would be less risky if I didn't carry cash in my wallet. But that doesn't make me even slightly responsible or to blame if I get mugged. And to reply to this, since I forgot to in my reply, if you know a part of town at a particular time of day is known for muggings and you go there during that time of day and get mugged, then you bear some responsibility for not using that grey matter between your ears fappening torrent evaluate and minimize risks to yourself.

So yes, you are to blame if you knowing. You are conflating responsibility, blame and fault into one and single thing. Which is not the case. That is why a statutory rape charge is not a possible charge if both persons who are engaged in consensual sex are adults. Responsibility means that one is responsible for one's own actions. And yes, if one's actions endanger others they ARE responsible for the of those actions. Like someone going out to sea in a storm, falling overboard and causing millions in damage to haul their ass out of the water.

The fault is not implied in one's responsibility, but in the of their actions for which they are responsible. In the case of pictures and reddit and the deletes, celebrities fappening torrent a responsibility to act like responsible adults.

Fappening torrent

Responsible adults don't leave their naked pictures online. The burden of their fault there is suffered solely by their reputation and their "good name". Which is why they are making demands on of this being "a copyright issue" and not something else, like invasion of privacy. And so does the fault.

For every one of those acts.

Fappening torrent

The responsibility for them being ABLE to do that rests on the host service which the celebrities in this case were using. Same as the responsibility of reddit for providing their fappening torrent with tools and ability to share those images. After all, if there was no responsibility there, celebs would have no one to ask to pull down those photos, but the people who actively share them on reddit.

And, we are back to celebs and their responsibility for demanding that reddit removes those images - causing reddit to remove entire subreddits, thus encroaching on freedom of speech of EVERYONE using those subreddits. More responsibility and more fault for both. There are various responsibilities, various faults and none of them are a zero sum game. Some are a matter for the legal courts to determine the blame, some are judged in the court of public opinion, some will not be judged at all. But there is plenty of responsibility and fault to go around.

How the hell did this get modded insightful? No one is victim blaming - if a girl gets blackout-drunk at a private party with people she doesn't know very well then she isn't guilty of being raped, she's guilty of being stupid. You're making a silly claim - that people should be absolved of all responsibility even when they take risks. Sorry, no. A rapist is a rapist. A rapist might make a decision which victim to choose and the actual victim acting differently might have made the rapist choose a different victim, but it fappening torrent the rapist's decision to rape. And what kind of sicko wants sex with a "blackout-drunk" woman?

Fappening torrent

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