Game of sultans maids

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All consorts follow the same rules of evolution and are equally beneficial, so you should indeed treat them all the same. Unless, of course, you really get a virtual crush on a specific one and you are ready to pay diamonds to visit her and her alone. Each consort can give birth to an endless of heirs: the higher your intimacy level with the consort giving birth, the higher the chances of getting a rare heir. The rarer the heir, the better their stats.

You can only improve your Intimacy level with a consort by spending one of the two rings that you get from completing various tasks in GoS, usually from collecting tribute. It is a good idea to try and keep your levels as high as possible with all consorts and even them out instead of having just one of a really high level, since the random encounters are… well… random so your chances at getting better heirs increase if you even out their stats.

Their XP points will then have effect on the various Viziers your Generals they are associated with. Finally, every now and then you will receive Maids as rewards in the game for completing random tasks — these can also be associated with your wife of choice and increase her Charisma a game of sultans maids. Very rarely, you will get new Consorts for reaching certain milestones in the game or from completing a specific mission. But these occasions are unfortunately very rare.

Game of sultans maids

Your main way of getting new consorts is by tapping the Masquerade button in your kingdom. You get 3 tries every few hours and each try has a small chance in resulting in an interaction with a lady in the game.

You can also increase your chances of meeting a lady by increasing your fortune whenever you have items to do so. The higher your fortune, the higher the chances to meet a woman and potentially make her your wife. You can get these items to increase fortune randomly as game rewards.

Somewhat like in real life. And this would be our complete guide to consorts in Game of Sultans.

Game of sultans maids

Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. Check out our job ad today! If so — just tap the Rankings building and the Honor button at the bottom of each category to collect diamonds. Once a day click on rankings from main screen.

Each tab has a honor button at the bottom. Gives you rewards. Fortune also increases over time. How do I pass quest 81? It takes me to the honor button at the rankings but I cannot press that button. In the ranking building you can switch on all three rankings campaign, power, intamacy. At the bottom of each of those you click honor. It provides you with gems and gets you past that level. This is how the rare ones are called.

They can be leveled up to a higher level, which means that they contribute more kingdom power game of sultans maids also take longer to fully develop. There are three more consorts in the newest update, and each one require empire strength score:and How do I get them? You actually dont have to meet and marry them once you meet the goal they are automatically added. Correct, for me they automatically popped up on nice I reached the goals.

I did not have to keep visiting the Masquerade to try and get these special coansrts. The just popped up on my screen to greet me once I was at their level. Correct, for me they automatically popped up once I reached the goals. I did not have to keep visiting the Masquerade to try and get these special consorts. They just popped up on my screen to greet me once I was at their level.

And 2 I want to start working on promoting consorts and I want to know how thank you in advance!! Until now I have 23 viziers latest one is Baltac. From vip upgrade and best 5 there are only up to 10 move viziers available. So where are the rest 14 viziers? How to get them?

How to use the pearls you get from ing class in consort hall? What is actually the benefits of the pearls? Ok, using the pearls when u upgrade your consorts when you see the rings around the gifted lights up.

Game of sultans maids

How to use the pearls i get from ing class in consort hall? Whats actually the benefit of that pearls?

Game of sultans maids

Go to the skills tab of the consort, if you have enough pearls to level the skill up. I think the least you need is and it increases each time you level it up. So use all 5 of your learning attempts each day. What is the purpose of the of consort hall and receiving what I think are pearls? I send a consort to the consort hall to paint and she gets rewarded with something.

Do I need to do this? Does it help my consorts or viziers? So instead of using the consort xp, you will see the actual skill icon circling with fire when you have enough pearls to upgrade the skill to the next tier. I am surprised there is nothing about it on this thread.

Where do we get the key to open the classroom??

Game of sultans maids

I still dont know how to use the pearl even though I read the answer above…. I just figured it out. Then click on the actual icon of the skill like for enthusiasm. I think it gives you game of sultans maids bonuses when you actually do level up that skill. I am surprised you didnt mention the classes or the titles at all.

You need minimum intimacy and charm to give your consorts a better title which makes them even stronger. Also…the rings are NOT the only way to increase intimacy. You can re-encounter your consorts in the masquerades and gain intimacy. All other consort skills only affect one attribute at a time.

How do I use a tribute seal? I have like 72 right now because I have no idea how to use them. Thank you. They will then be used as levies and deducted from your inventory. Do you have to spend money to get the Consorts with the VIP? Do you have to spend real money to higher your VIP to get those concorts? Is what I meaning I think. How do you get more rings to increase a consorts intimacy? Is imperial tribute the only reliable way?

I used to get rings very commonly. Now I rarely have any. I havent done anything different that I know of in that regard. But you have failed to cover several things, some of the comments show this. What about bumping other consorts in the learning halls? My question is — what is the taking of seats from other consorts entail? Is it based on my consorts intimacy or charm? Or both? I have all consorts you can get without VIP statues. Is there any benefit to keep doing mascarade? Will you get more points for the consort you already have if she pops up on mascarade randomly?

How can I get stronger as to not get bumped out so easily?

Game of sultans maids

This guide is really not at all how this game needs to be played. You must participate daily. Focus on 1 main vizier and associated consort. This is important for to many reasons to go into here. But please do not spread the love around equally. Build one consort so she can do paint, music and reading without getting expelled. TmYou need one strong military vizier to use for challenge, revenge and raid in arena. You need 4 really strong for war. I could go on and on.

Happy playing!

Game of sultans maids

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They unlock at those levels. You still have to masquerade to meet them and eventually marry them.

Game of sultans maids

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