Games like four elements trainer

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The game puts you right into the middle of an ancient kingdom. The four elements that kept holding the kingdom games like four elements trainer are now in grave danger because of the evil powers that are slowly eating up the energy of life. The responsibility now falls upon your shoulders to find out the four sacred ancient books of magic and sixteen cards of mystery. The Magic books and the cards ae your only hope as they can save the kingdom and eliminate the enemy. The game provides you with a Match-3 puzzle game play in which you must 3 or more elements of the same type to make a new element.

The new element will help you attack the enemy eliminate the threat. As the game is turn-based, once you have completed your turn, the evil enemy will attack and you must defend yourself against the brutal power generated by the enemy elements. A few more classic features of the game include bonus elements, eye catching graphics and a well-written storyline. The game features Claudia who starts searching for her missing uncle but instead finds out the pathway to Fae the entities who brought chaos and destruction upon Sea Cross Island.

Legend of Fae provides with a turn-based Match-3 Puzzle game-play in which you can fight against the Fae and defeat them by matching up 3 or more of the same kind of elements. After your turn is finished the enemy plays their turn and if scores more points than you, brings more devastation and chaos to the Sea Cross Island. You must match-up a good of elements to defeat your enemy and save your uncle among all other people of the Sea Cross Island.

Legend of Fae offers an immersive game-play, beautiful visuals and enhanced mechanics and is quite an interesting game to play and enjoy.

Games like four elements trainer

It also allows you to experience an amazing blend of Strategic and Combat elements along with other numerous fantastic features. Other great inclusions to the game are different character classes all based up on unique puzzle and combat skills, clean graphics, a super exciting and challenging game-play.

The characters that Puzzle Quest 2 provides are laced up with special abilities Agility, Strength, Stamina, Intelligence and Morale and that actually lets you determine how good you can damage your enemies. Based on the characters and their abilities, you can switch between the characters while playing the game and have advantage over your enemies.

The game allows you to build a new Japanese village and everything in it by mixing-up 3 or more of the same kind of elements. You can start building from the smallest object and reach to the tallest buildings you can make.

Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun provides with three exciting game modes and lets you win different challenges in every mode by matching up different elements and creating new ones. The relaxing background music, clean 3D graphics and a well written story-line are the best things included in the game.

Games like four elements trainer

For a wonderful and challenging Puzzle and RPG experience, do try it out. The game provides with an amazing amalgamation of Match-3 Puzzle, RPG and Strategy elements and allows you to experience and amazing game-play. Gems of War allows you to battle against your enemies and epic bosses by matching three or more of the same king of elements. The matched-up elements provide with new and unique elements that you can use against the enemies. The new elements include, Magic Spells, Swords, Fire etc.

Because of being a turn-based video game, the enemy attacks you once you have finished your turn so you must also focus on developing your defenses by matching-up the elements that are packed with defensive abilities.

Gems of War of war provides with a great of exciting levels, lo of enchanting power ups to make unique combos and clean 3D visuals plus sounds to enjoy the game to the limits. Triple Town is Strategy and Match-3 Puzzle and Strategy video game developed by SpryFox, LLC that lets you experience an amazingly addictive and quite fascinating game-play in which you can build your own city and everything in it by matching-up three or more of the same kind of things or elements.

You can build a totally new settlement in a turn based environment on a six by six grid of land.

Games like four elements trainer

Triple Town provides you with tiled elements of different things like grass, bears, crystals and imperial bots etc. You must 3 or more of the same tiles to create a new advanced tile that grows on every step and forms a shape of an object like a house, coins etc. The enemies in the game are ninjas who easily can move to any square of the grid and stop you from building anything you want.

You can trap the ninjas by creating trapping tiles by the combination of four specific tiles. After they are trapped, the imperial bots can be used to eliminate them. Crystal tiles can be used as wild cards and can be used in difficult situations to make any match you want. This game will surely be a great source of entertainment for you. The game take you to an amazing world in which you can build your own city and rule by strategically defeating your enemies.

Just like the names mentioned on the list, ReignMaker allows you to defeat your enemy and build your city side by side by matching-up 3 or more of the same king elements. The combats, developments and enemy defeats, all depend on your progress in the match-3 game-play.

You can match-up the elements on your turn and the enemy will play on his turn. The skills you possess are responsible for the sake of the whole realm. The game allows you to challenge yourself by strategically attacking your enemy and defeat them for good. Puzzle Kingdoms provides with a Match-3 Puzzle game-play in which you can defeat your enemy by matching 3 or more of the same colored elements. Every mach-up causes a serious damage to the stability of the enemy so with a great amount of matched up elements, you can totally eliminate your enemy and win the game.

The game lets you build massive armies against your enemies by high value element combinations so you must focus on getting all the help you can get from the game itself. Puzzle Kingdoms is one of the best Puzzle-RPGs and will surely amaze you with its vivid and quite catchy game-play and mechanics. Do try it out. Dungeon Hearts is a marvelous games like four elements trainer of Cube Roots. This Match-3 Puzzle-RPG and Strategy video game is focused on a Side-Scrolling game-play in which you can defeat your enemies by running in a pack of four warriors and by matching 3 or more of the same colored symbols named as Magical Chargers and Runes.

The game allows you to make different combinations of same colored symbols to attack, defend and pick up power-ups. In every game of the series, the battles are fought in a turn-based manner, and the game allows the players to match three or more of the same type gems and other items on the screens. The game mainly relies on what players match up. Once the gems are matched, they turn into mana or an energy burst that can be used to cast powerful spells and attacks.

The intensity of attack builds upon what items are matched by the players; some attacks can be more damaging, and some can be less. Every successful attack on the enemy and damage rewards the players with experience points and money that they can use to buy upgrades and stuff. Throughout the series, Puzzle Quest allows the players to play various mini-games and craft various types of items, learn new spells and level up completing different types of objectives.

With a variety of gameplay throughout the series, plenty of room for the gameplay and characters, great stories different for every game in the seriesbeautiful 3D visuals, and all the gem-matching fun, Puzzle Quest is a great Puzzle-RPG series to enjoy. The game has both Single and Multiplayer mode and offers improved gameplay, mechanics, and controls. There are two factions available such as Emperor Ivan and Legendary Dwarven and the player must choose his or her favorite one to start the game.

The world is populated with monsters, fierce warriors and other creatures who threaten the games like four elements trainer. The primary task is to explore the world, pits against enemies and kill them in a turn-based battle to earn experience points. Each character in the game has unique skills and abilities with the unique personality.

As the game progresses, it becomes difficult to play. It is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

Games like four elements trainer

The game comes with both Single-player and Multiplayer support and serves as the sequel in the series of Heroes of Might and Magic game. Like titles, the player controls the protagonist, a leader with special magical abilities and his ultimate task is to create a team of forces from strongholds. The plot revolves around the brutal battle between the armies of heroes and their opponent. It takes place in the beautiful environment years after the event of Shades and Darkness and features a series of levels, multiplayer and standalone scenarios. The follows the similar rules and tactics found in the title of the series.

Games like four elements trainer

The strategy is the main genre of the game where the battle takes place on the chess-like board, and the player controls the faction of units against rival players. The game brings the fantastic gameplay to the player and lets him experience the real-time 1v1 puzzle game of elemental powers and wizards. While playing the game, the player needs to match colors in order to cast powerful spells and attack other players to become the ultimate magical legends.

During the gameplay, the player can journey through magical realms, unlock and upgrade several playable wizards and then equip them with might evolving spells. The game lets the player get ready to partake in the battle to level up his magic and duel his way across the map to the crystal palace. Using the touch controls, the player can cast powerful spells as match the items and attack another player to take down them.

The player must explore the galaxy keenly as it can affect the fate of the universe. The player has to build up a fleet of ships, experience hundreds of weapons, and uniquely master the puzzle board. The game has long gameplay where skills and strategies can make it easier and shorter. The game has over weapons to use on the board where every weapon has separate firearms.

The game lets the player customize the ships and master the universe. The game has hundreds of missions in the solo mode, and every mission is unique compared to other missions. Accept the challenges, solve the puzzles, unlock all the ships, and customize them. According to the story, the Heroes are the only entities who can save the realm by defeating the demon and his evil plans to bring chaos and destruction upon the people. The heroes are directed towards their own path to grow powers and abilities to fight games like four elements trainer the enemy and save the people.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes provides you with a match-3 type of game-play in which you are directed to stack 3 or more of the same colored objects.

Games like four elements trainer

As Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a turn-based game, after your turn is completed, the enemy plays their turn and attacks you. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes offers a unique and immersive game-play, nice visuals and enhanced mechanics to enjoy. Show Details.

Games like four elements trainer

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