Games like noxian nights

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Search forums. Install the app. Good art games. Thread starter xyzabc Start date May 4, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. May 4, Hey guys, So this is my first ever post here, but I'm curious, I've played some games that have AMAZING art, such as overwhored, Noxian Nights, AloneXP and a few others, I really enjoy great environments that you can interact with, rather than ones where you can't interact with anything, and I also like the medieval style theme rather than running around a huge modern town like in Keeping it in the family.

I'm wondering if you guys can recommend me any other great free games like this please? Thanks in advance!

Games like noxian nights

Hoboy Well-Known Member. Mar 31, There is a thread over on Hongfire of these types of games HRPGs Also, if you like anime there are a lot of translated games gathered on this ULMF thread Also, just above your post there is a thread of games in development - always good to see what's coming Yeah I saw the games in development section but I've played all the ones that sounded good, most are missing descriptions But I was more just hoping to see what peoples personal recommendations were rather than reading a list.

Aug 26, Since it sounds like you're looking at rpgmaker games, try Bonehead. He released a huge update for it fairly recently, and the art's pretty too.

Games like noxian nights

Well - the Hongfire list is where I found all the ones like what you listed as liking. The only way to find out if you like it is to play it - all the games you liked are on that list. I've probably tried almost every game there, and there are a lot more like what you like, so try them Last edited by a moderator: May 4, MESeele said:. Click to expand Oh yeah, I forgot about that one, that was really good I played it, I gave up though after I found a gamebreaking bug that made me lose all my progress qq It does have a couple of those Turns out Regless is porting the whole game to an engine that isn't so limited as RPGmaker.

Or so the comments on recent blog posts say. I also endorse that list; I've played through pretty much every game on there. As Hoboy mentioned, every game you noted is on that list.

Games like noxian nights

RPGmaker games are light downlo. May as well play through them and see what you like, and if you're on the fence about one, read his thoughts on it. I will add that I really like Harem Collector - Overwhored only more funny and lighthearted. If you want a good story and gameplay then The Last Sovereign is probably one of the best out there - only no CGs. Excellent writing though. Invasion D is really good - may be gone now but what is there is many many hours of gameplay. Harem has both a light and dark path - and is being completely revamped from it's original already very good start.

Other than that try others and find what you like Last edited by a moderator: May 5, Oh - to games like noxian nights to this Noxian Nights has excellent art, and The Last Demon Hunter and Order of Light are two more that are promising - there are links to all in my posts on Mr TTao's thread he hasn't gotten around to updating his thread with everything Yeah I use that list regularly actually, like I said though, this wasn't really a post to find games but rather just to hear what peoples favourites are, it's always nice to get a feel for games others might think are really good that you might have missed.

13 Well-Known Member. Lots of endings. No real combat though. Haven't played it in while though I think the author changed its name? But it's got potential. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Games like noxian nights

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Noxian Nights