Haramase simulator 2017

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Do you want to impregnate anime girls? Do you get validation watching s increase to track made up stats? Then this is the game for you. Welcome to Haramase Simulator. You play as one of the few males left. With a card haramase simulator 2017 lets you impregnate anyone, anywhere, you seek to repopulate the planet. And now after about 3 years of waiting 0. Talking to the Liaison on a new save on 0. Fixed many grammar and typographical errors Fixed several bugs when loading saves from 0.

Fixed a bug that prevented players from leaving the resort after 7 days Fixed a bug that created lag on the main screen Fixed some typos Fixed some return bugs on Amber and Yurika. There is more than 20 new girls, not including random girls.

Resort has been added to the game, allows you to play each day in the week with an absurd amount of stamina in total. Card Levels have been added to the game Added an option to work all week, and to study all week, with a single click. There is also a modest improvement to the outcome if this option is chosen.

Haramase simulator 2017

Card Level. Haramase simulator 2017 fixes and upgrades Script fixes for more homogeneous stuff like money Dialogues fixes Fixed a long-standing bug that permitted saves from older versions of the game to be loaded. New to 0. As such our recruitment requirements have changed. If you wish to the dev team haramase simulator 2017 will want to see a fully fleshed out character made utilizing the CCC. You do not have to the dev team to have your character published.

If she is well written, and you want her in the game, we will add her in. Bear in mind, that we will hold your art to high standards. Only good quality, colored and shaded art will be considered. Player base acceptance will also be taken intoso it might be a good idea to post a sample of your work in the thread or at least a link to it before applying. But play it on PC anyway you filthy degenerates. No idea. The Harasim team is quite proud of the new Resort location, but our play-testers complained about lack of content there. So the current focus is on just that, fleshing out the Resort.

It seems that several places around the web are reporting this project abandoned. We want to assure our fans that this is not the case. We are still actively working on the game. Real life has caused some delays, new large features have caused others. As the of developers on the team has grown, the difficulty of regular releases has grown along with it. Enjoy a tropical getaway to the luxurious HFF Resort.

Unlike the main area of the game where time is passed in week long increments, at the resort time passes one day at a time. Will you pass your time tanning on the beach? Or perhaps stargaze at the observatory? Above are the four new characters exclusive to the HFF Resort, we look forward to seeing how this new mechanic is received.

But what about the mainland? For those not into that kink, they have alternate dialogue if you opt out of the incest option. Well guess what? Not only her, but the Arcade Attendant as well!

Haramase simulator 2017

The Goddess of Fertility herself, Inari, also has some new surprises for you. That about wraps up this love letter to the fans. There is one sad note we need to discuss though, and that is your saves. Due to the large of changes it is highly unlikely that you will be able to bring your older saves into HaraSim 0. But I would hate to end this on a downer so…. First and foremost it is a developer recruiting tool.

We needed to find an entry level way to let potential developers write a character, without having to explain the ins and outs of how the game works. As the game has grown, so have the complexities associated with adding a new character. The CCC places everything you need to create a character in one folder. Normally a character requires appending code all over the place. All of that is handled for you by the CCC. Set the correct options and off you go. I have done my best to anticipate anything a potential writer may want to implement with a new character.

To do this Stephanie and the CCC were developed together. In this way I feel I haramase simulator 2017 created a fairly comprehensive system. She is rather limited, but looking at her code will give you a general idea of where to start. This simple character took no more than an hour to throw together, granted she is super dialogue light. Haramase simulator 2017 that the most time consuming part is simply writing the dialogue.

The CCC is limited to one girl per save file. When you start development you will want to have a save file set aside for it. I recommend you progress through the game naturally up to the point you want your character introduced, then make a copy of your save to use while implementing and testing your character. It requires version 0. The update is available in the updater as of this blog post. Other downlo will be provided soon. The CCC by itself will not greatly expand the roster of the game. Due to how Renpy works you cannot simply drop in a character like you can in games like Slave Maker 3.

This is not a hand holding system. Although I did my best to make sure the code has plenty of comments explaining everything, you still will need to spend some time in the Renpy Documentation before you will be able to make any real use of this system. Get in touch with the dev team on Discord. We will take your character for a spin. This will result in one of three outcomes.

You first stop should be the CCC Wiki. Please note that the CCC files have been slightly updated for 0. The updated files can be found on the getting started of the CCC Wiki. After way too long, Haramase Simulator 0. DL: -waifu. For 0. This replaces the older 0. You can download the update with the ingame updater or from the download links above.

If you have haramase simulator 2017 mac version, you will need to re-download the latest version of the game at any one of our download locations. All future dev admissions will require a completed character in CCC. Jobs are now catagorized and have a new way to progress through a career path. Updated Characters -Hayasaki has two new dates available. New Characters -Stephanie — A masochist who you might have seen wandering around the pool. In Game Updater -We now have the ability to send the update directly to you! Removed Characters -Kira — This criminal sister was dropped on the team with poor CG sets, terrible script, and barely functional code.

You still need to manually download this update for OSX, but future updates should work. We are pleased to announce that Haramase Simulator 0. Exactly when will depend heavily on when we can have the greatest of developers online to handle initial bug reports.

On a more random note, there have been nearly 1, commits to our repo since the release of 0. We do do stuff! I wanted to let everyone know that we are currently wrapping up the next release of Haramase Simulator. We have setup an in game updater.

Haramase simulator 2017

This will allow us to easily push out smaller, more frequent releases. This will also affect how we string together our version. The next release will be 0. Bug fixes will occupy the last digit, minor content updates the third digit, and major updates the second digit.

It has been deed to haramase simulator 2017 any character made in it very easy to port into the full game. Gone are the days where someone s the team to add a character and then fails to finish them. A more detailed post about this system will be published after the release of 0. Temporarily Removed Characters: Beatrice and Kira have been temporarily removed from haramase simulator 2017 game. Those who have followed the game for awhile may remember that they were originally written and posted to 4chan by an anon not related to the dev team.

At this point ificant re-work is planned for them and as such they have been pulled. They will be re-added to the game via a minor content update in the future. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware that the download links are broken. We are actively working with our storage provider to get them back online. We will post an update once everything is up and running. Hey hey people, Possiblyanon here. Changes include: — Critial bugfixes: Talking to the Liaison on a new save on 0.

Card Level — Others: Engine fixes and upgrades Script fixes for more homogeneous stuff like money Dialogues fixes Fixed a long-standing bug that permitted saves from older versions of the game to be loaded [Recruiting] -Writers: New to 0. If you want to help, our Discord group and introduce yourself. As always, happy fapping. Hello everyone, It seems that several places around the web are reporting this project abandoned.

There is one other character wandering the streets of HaraSim, I wonder what he is up to? As always, thanks for playing, and happy fapping. So what is the primary purpose of the CCC? Tell me More! How to have your character be unlocked via an encounter. And more! Where can I get assistance with the CCC?

Haramase simulator 2017

email: [email protected] - phone:(701) 834-3891 x 9364

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