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There are many small games using rpgmaker build. Almost of them are xand can't change window size. I have tried some of them with dxwnd, no luck. Please tell me if this works. I tried with : 1. SorryI post same comment twice Okay, i forgot something. You must put this file too to the game folder. Unfortunatlynot work. I google itseems it can apply to RM2k3 games.

But there are 4 type rpgmaker game according to the maker version:. I have a lot of game. It seems from your first post that you managed to get it running in Windowed Mode with DxWnd. Try to run the game in Fullscreen Mode. This Way It will start in a window but in fullscreen size. Still, if it then starts in a window and still not the window size you want, try to hook it up in "Windowed Borderless Gaming". Many of rpgmaker game start at windowed mode by default. I tried 1. Then I find a game can start up in fullscreen mode.

PS: start rpgmaker game in fullscreen would cause windows disable areo, because I am using dual monitor, so I can see this. Then I tried Borderless Gamingit sucessfully enlarge the windowed mode game to fullscreen size, but can not change to other size. Also can not change the fullsreened game started by dxwnd to window. Here is the dll import table see screenshot : all references to dlls have 1 entry only, a clear indication that RGSS is obfuscated.

So, it seems that the current state of the art is that you can set the Hot patch flag, then type Alt-Enter key to switch to fullscreen mode, but you only get a "cornerized" game that is, stuck to the upper-left corner. Furhter improvements may require further work. This run time package is probably older and less sophisticated, at least as concerns protections: here the Hot patch flag and the Alt-Enter key brought a perfectly sized and positioned game well, with some glitches, but I didn't finish tuning the configuration Good, though I wonder how many games could be based on an older package.

To summarize, I fear it's not possible to make a general statement: the 4 different packages not to mention possible package versions or retired packages and possible different game features or configurations make it necessary to grab the specific game and make some testing. If you want, you can safely share a copy of the game compressed with password encription and posted on some file sharing and I will make a try.

Crysalis is dragon head ico, the game in my first too. In order to indicate the how to make rpg maker games full screen, I downloaded Crysalis. So, I am sorry it is not good to post here. PS2:witchhouse is one of the best puzzle-oriented horror game I have seen all agesnot so hardsuper good presentation in stroy and trick.

Highly recommend you to have a try. This happens even when "Hook enabled" isn't checked. Witchhouse shares the same problems I saw with Crysalis. BTW I noticed that on my Win7 portable I got video memory problems too, not identical but similar to those you captured in the picture of your screen. I repeated the test, and discovered that to get better you should use a full hot patching hooking method.

If you want to try, this is how:. If the trick worked, now the game should still be in the upper-left corner, but without corrupting your videocard memory or, at least, I hope so! Probably there is some system call that needs to be hooked this way. Too bad that the obfuscation plus the continuour dynamic loading generate an enormously big log where it is almost impossible to find out what was really hooked. Well, sooner or later Unfortunatly ,screan still in a mess May it be my video card problem? I found my win7 would blue screen when play some.

May be I need test it in a VM. In win7 VM, no mess. But the resolution is still xI think the resolution problem here is by VMware. The game will start and crashes. I tried to run the game with DxWnd and the situation is the same. I was not lucky with any configuration I tried sometimes, with some configuration the game did not crashes, but the game probably did not start, the window was black and the music did not play.

I suspect, that the game has a problem with my graphics card nvidia GT On various forums recommend to turn off DEP, but it has not helped me, the game is still not starting. Does anyone have any idea? Inject suspended process, Hot patch, Handle Exceptions, Debug-Force hot patching and other known flags I tried without success.

Some other ideas are welcome. Maybe I'm wrong, but looking at the loaded modules I got the impression no more than that. Probably that's not intentional but comes from some usage of new interfaces like flash or whatever. The only action that DxWnd seems to cause to the game is catching and suppressing the screen resolution changes provided you set hot patching mode and I'm skeptical on the fact that any current DxWnd flag could bring any sort of benefits. Too bad, because this is in the latest and obfuscated rpgmaker package.

Older ones are much easier to manage, but sadly much less interesting as far as supported games interest. Finally, I put the game into operation. But I wil start from the beginning. Unfortunately it does not seem to be the same case, they have problems with crashes during the game and I do not even know how would I use this informations.

Other directions on different forums were: 1 Turn off DEP. That did not help. That didnt help Neither "Disable visual themes" or "Disable desktop composition" did not help. Look at the bug for game. It may be e. Unfortunately, the record did not refer to any codec, but to ntdll. Faulting application name: Game. In Compatibility mode, there was one more record. Problem ature: P1: Game. Analysis symbol: Rechecking for solution: 0 Reoirt id: 7ae8-bb Report status: It was a blind alley, but the direction was good.

I started the game at SpyStudio. Just before the game crash, was loaded very old codec claud. In fact, there were two claud. Edit: I confirm that the game works in fake fullscreen over Borderless Gaming as it was written by eromoe. With this program I can set any windows size of the "The Witch's House".

After some playing, I found two probelms: 1. It seems normally enlarge the window, doesn't scale it smooth, though this is not big problem. Did you ever see flashing wave on texture while character movingtexture is refered to floor, walls, trees or something else.

This didn't happen on "The Witch's House". I tried to capture game window by a gif recorder, but the captured gif didn't show this problem as playing. This hurt my eyes, any idea? Unfortunately, so far I tested this program very little. Unfortunately, I have no idea what causing your graphical tsunami. Edit: Just an idea. You can try to turn off some effects in the graphic card driver if it is possible. Anyway, thank you! The error als a failure in the DLL initialization routine, I suppose that RPGMaker inserted a check about the identity of the code that lo the module.

In the case of DxWnd the loader is dxwnd. Trying to examine what's going on with OllyDBG and placing a breakpoint where is a harmful jump code, look at what comes out see screenshot :. I tried debugging with OllyDbg and I do not get that error. I don't know whether the original DLL had a relocation table which is lost by the unpacker, if so that is the reason for this problem. A little offtopic, but i wished this "SRWE" had some command lines to activate a specific profile or autoactivate it per process of the specific game.

I attached my profile that i also use. Remember to maybe change the Window Resolution in the first tab. My Monitor is x, so you may have a different one. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Help Create. Application Development. IT Management. Project Management. Resources Blog Articles. Menu Help Create. Home Browse DxWnd Discussion. DxWnd Window hooker to run fullscreen programs in window and much more Status: Beta. Can dxwnd support rpgmaker games? Forum: General Discussion. Creator: eromoe. Created: How to make rpg maker games full screen If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link:.

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How to make rpg maker games full screen

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