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Recent Journals Any WoW players? Warning: long, unsexy post ahead! If you're more interested in what story I'm gonna post next than whatever big, long term, probably-doomed project I want to do, then the answer is that I intend to post a follow-up to that theater story on Thursday, and a 3rd chapter of the Gardevoir thing next week. Now, if you've got a bunch of time and a furry, hypnosis-themed text game sounds like just your cup of tea and you wanna put your word in on it, read on!

So, back in the day, I wrote a buncha stuff for Corruption of Champions. That was fun, but the community kind of wound up devolving and I lost interest in working on Fenoxo's projects. Well, it's been a while, and I've been itching to make something like that of my own - one where the first sex scene you get isn't probably "Jog Fuck. Ah, the days. Anyhow, I kinda want to work on one because I'd like to do a longer project, and writing a novel or, rather, writing a novel people will read and then getting them to read it just doesn't seem like all that much fun - it's much easier to get people to play a neat text game they can jerk off to.

All my approaches to game de are kinda falling flat, though, so I'm gonna write my thoughts here and hope that making words out of them helps me come up with something. Input from you all, who presumably like my writing well enough to watch me and would therefore be a good sample of my intended audience, would be appreciated!

So, for those of you who didn't hypnosis text game Corruption of Champions, I'll give a quick rundown of it since that's where my experience is. Basically, you're a human who gets sucked into Crazy Fantasy Sex World, where Sexual Demons are taking over and trying to transform everything into herms with 4 dicks, 3 vaginas, and 6 tits the size of hot air balloons. In theory, you wander around trying to avoid having your "corruption" meter raised as you attempt to save Crazy Sexlandia. You fight off demons and goblins and other stuff, and if you lose they fuck you, probably transform you a bit, then they fuck off and leave you to go on your way.

Unless you lose to a deated game-over enemy; then you go back to your save and don't fuck up your next try. In reality, you eat some fruit that transforms you into an anthro dog, run around with the OP hypnosis text game in your paws, stab things until they're bleeding on death's doorstep, then revive them with your dog dick - repeat until you've exhausted all interesting content. With that out of the way, I won't go much further into CoC's specifics, but I'll reference it for its combat mechanic as the big thing I want to replace in my game. Aside from having large areas where the content was generally weak, CoC's big problem for me was that the combat mechanic went counter to the game's purpose.

Its purpose being "get off," the counter being "you have to beat things to death to fuck them, and the things you want to fuck are going to try to beat you to death. There wound up being exactly one move I used in the fights once I had access to it, which was the "Arouse" spell. You waved your wizard staff around, and things got hornier every turn until they had to stop stabbing you so they could masturbate. Now, I'm big into anything vaguely mind-controlly, so this held me over. But it was still weak - a lot of the time, if you won a fight hypnosis text game way, the sex scene afterwards was written as though you'd been hacking them with your sword anyways.

So - onto the present! I, being the hypno dork I am, want to scrap the combat in that sort of game and replace it with something geared more towards people who like mind control. I thought this was going to be an easy task, mainly because I got horny just using Hypnosis in the new Pokemon game, but it turns out that making anything with hypnosis more involved than "player rolls a dice and if the spell lands they win" is tough.

Here are the things I think a combat system for a game like this needs, if the "combat" mechanic is to be interesting. I think it needs to be, given that it will basically constitute the hypnotic inductions in the game, which is the hottest part of it to me and at least some others. Player Choice - The player should have more than one option available to them when they get a chance to act. Our goal is to hypnotize the enemy - how do I separate a "try to hypnotize them" button into several choices? It's a non-trivial question. Not every player wants to play a snake, or a siren, or a pocketwatch master, or whatever.

People are going to choose their preferred method for their character to use and just always pick "stare at them," "sing at them," or "swing watch at them" in a fight. That, in theory, would allow for more context-sensitive choices, which in theory engages the player more than just spamming their coolest button does.

So, paragraph takeaway: the system should allow for the player to react to the enemy to forward their progress. Threat - The player 's character should be legitimately threatened by an enemy of the appropriate difficulty level. Ideally, the threat should be "you get hypnotized and lose. So, takeaway: enemy actions need to be able to hypnotize you, but the player should be able to react to counter it. Now, how the fuck do you work this into a hypnosis-focused game?

In an action game, you react by picking a direction and dodging in it. In a text game, this becomes a lot less interesting. Turn-based games like that need the player to react to things ahead of time for the reaction succeeding to elicit any feeling of accomplishment. They need to lay a trap card, right? You could choose to have the minion either attack the enemy minion or the enemy summoner, or have it guard you.

Summoners could have their own targetable abilities, too. Minions could be whatever silly flavor fits. Ghosts with swirly eyes, demons with willpower-sapping voices, big animate pocketwatches, whatever. Make certain types of them strong against some things, resistant to others.

Now I just need to find some excuse for why people are only trying to hypnotize each other rather than trying to stab each other. Do you think it would be interesting enough to make a big game around? Coran Lurker link. Well id prefer a more complex or fun battle system than CoC. Whenver i play that i usually get bored by all the battling especially the early grinding.

Type seems better and also allows to swtich the staring cobra for a possession ghost whenver the player feels like it. For reason as to hypnotize you could try using the excuse that the minions are restistant to physical attacks but weaker to metal attacks. Or that if threatened by physical attacks make them teleport but if theyre under a mental attack theyll have to focus on resisting the mind-control. Cliche but it'd work. Akaece link parent. So if there are gonna be types, I'll probably make it simpler than Pokemon where determining weakness and resistance is a whole big chart.

More like a simple rock paper scissorsy type wheel, like so: 1. These could take the form of Lovecraftian monsters for tentacle funtimes and such. Strong against: Nature Weak against: Mystic 2. Strong against: Cosmic Weak against: Nature 3. Snakes, sirens, etc. Strong against: Mystic Weak against: Cosmic I debated adding a "science" one between mystic and nature, but I couldn't think of too many summons for it. I want to make a fantasy game more than a sci-fi game, so I'm not sure what sciency things would fit. But yeah, three types. Now, since it's a mind control game, I say that "attacks" could also get broken up into types: 1.

Sight-based - Kaa eyes, etc. Sound-based - Siren song sorta deals 3. Psychic-based - Inexplicable bullshit like curses that last multiple roumds 4. How's that for a set of types? One more thing I'd probably add to team building hypnosis text game one more layer of interest is "synergies" between particular creatures - maybe if you have both the Haunted Pocketwatch and the Spirit Magician on your team, he gets a bonus to his attack strength. As for the "why not stab each other" thing, yeah, something like that is fine. I don't think it matters much if it's cliche or weak as an excuse because you sorta need something broad tog et all your characters on the same.

If people like hypnosis, I think they'll be able to suspend their disbelief. If the goal is to lull the enemy into a trance, maybe you want to have three bars contributing to the characters' and enemies' mental resistance. Hypnosis text game would replenish very quickly as well, but you'd have to lay low for a turn or two to get it all the way back up.

Baiscally, this would refer to their physical activity and adrenaline levels. DRIVE-sapping abilities would fall under things like sedatives and drugs, relaxing massaging, body control, or actually physically restraining. Dunno, just throwing an idea out there off the top of my head.

I can't decide whether I think that many stats playing off each other would be interesting or annoying, but I'm leaning towards the latter. I'll probably just start with "Willpower" or whatever and add more if it's too boring with just one hypnosis text game go off of. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

Hypnosis text game

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