Incubus city game guide

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Thing you can sell to the Fence If your worked about going into debt it doesn't change the ending Laptop. Must have oblivion parasite. Choose ending. Fair warning: This took a lot of smart play and patience to compile. The Pain Amulet prevents Sexual Performance gains. This is important because if you R a woman with high enough SP, it turns to Seduction and you can kiss the ending good-bye. Don't feel discourage not clicking Chrono-reverse steps properly. So long as you don't do it to the point where you run out of days, you'll be fine. By following my guide to incubus city game guide T, I had 3 days left over without needing to get the free two days.

Do a jealous wife. Follow, Watch, Offer. With Crime Machine, Chrono-reverse to last decision. Keep ring and get another Ring and Car. Repeat this until you get the option: Chrono-reverse to before excursion. This option lets you complete the interaction without consuming a night. Make sure you do not have sex with the jealous wife since it's an S. Click Chrono-reverse to before excursion and you should still have enough stamina. Visit the Midnight Fence and rake in the cash by selling your cars and rings.

Do a woman bathed in a red-blue glare. Pretend, respond however you want, go into the house. Go North upEast RightInvestigate to get lock picks. Go South, West, Investigate gets the small metal object. Go East, South, Investigate gets Coke. Chrono-reverse to before excursion to run another instance. Do a little troublemaker. You do not want to wait to do this one. If your Brutality is too high, you'll auto kill the gang members. Give drugs and select "Yeah, sure. You now have the option to start a Brothel, Harem, Slave Collection. Select Slave Collection as that R's slaves and increases Brutality.

Important to P your 8 daughters without needing to roll the dice. Thanks to giving them the coke, you are credited 2 girls of the 5 to pick. Select any two. This is an event that does not consume a night allowing another event regardless of play-through. Do a woman down on her luck. You should not wait to do this event as a high Brutality will prevent the door being picked. Chrono-reverse to before excursion to score to run another instance. Do a girl at the market, Wander, Go to her, and Go home. Do not go to the bar. Do a babysitter, Pretend to be repairman, R, Laugh as the boy is watching to score 4.

Complete the night to get Stamina back. Begin R your daughters. Even if you don't P them, you can Enslave them then R them in the dungeon to guarantee they get P. It will take about two days to get them all. In order to R them, Call them up, Invite them over, and Click the option. You can Enslave them after the first R interaction; burning some money and stamina.

Or just wait till you have them all. The option to Enslave Girls never goes away unlike the option to Pimp them to Waid. For a bit of Optimal Play follow the below step:. R your favorite four daughters, do not Enslave. This will leave enough Stamina and 7 Brutality to do step 8 right away. Otherwise you'll have to wait.

R should be 8. Scour the internet. Time to breed option only appears if Brutality is 5 or more. Show her a good time to get R 9 8c. Flee the scene to get Stamina back. Say good-bye to the slavers for the rest of the run. Continue R of daughters. Enough Stamina to get the last 4 for a total of 13 R. Use remainder of Stamina to Enslave all your daughters. Do a thief. Approach, Be forceful, Take your 14th R.

You should now have 10 Inhuman Nature. Which allows you to R the smoking employee for Call it a night to gain Stamina back. Now is a good time to R the 5 girls you got from the traders for a total of 21 R. P any daughters not already P. P and R should be Do a woman strolling in the park. Grab her do not use the gunTaunt or Skip to get R If you have the Calisto sponge, you can absorb her memory, Depart, or Knock her on the head all result in the same. Just don't kill her.

Do a woman waiting at a motel. Barge in, Go ahead, select R option, Harder for R Do a drunken lush. Wait, Find, Either, Cum inside for R Do a sleeping beauty, Talk, Either Option, Do not click the Hypno option, It's a Trap though click it if you haven't gotten that secret ending yet. Be prepared to start over though. Give something to dream about for R Do a college girl at a frat party.

Select the Inhuman Nature option to auto complete for R Leave, select either option. Do a girl on the date. Buy, Incubus city game guide the guy. Now go find the girl and score R 27 18b. Do some unfortunate souls in a dark place. Stay alert, Go to washroom, Descend, Tell him Jonah sent you. General Pro-tip: In all instances of playing this game, this option always give the most time, though a high Hypno select is a close second. Explore the dungeon and the Crime Machine gives more time. South, East, Pro-tip: This girl can be used with a Hypno min of Sadly, this play-through does not provide it.

North, Give product a try for R East, Open the cage for R South, Sample Merchandise for R North, North. Do NOT touch this girl as it result in an S. West, South is the Slave, which is an S result. Just go home to end the night. Do some whores in a whorehouse. Leave her. West, North, R the whore for 32, Back. East, R the whore for 33, Back. You do get an unavoidable S since Mandy likes R, fortunately this does not foil receiving the ending.

The rest of the girls result in S no matter what you pick. It doesn't change anything, just fun to incubus city game guide the result. And there you have it. You can end the game now and finally earn the ending. To score a free two days, take the time to scour the internet about 8 more incubus city game guide. This triggers your instincts to hunt Princess Falia and provides the bonus time to do so.

Just don't actually hunt her as your can't R her. With the scouring, you'll also uncover a mail order bride event. You can't R her either, so ignore the event. Start as Dirtier cop, select " little trouble maker " and then pick the cocaine option, and let her friend.

Now the sex slave had become part of your harem and impregnating them doesn't count as rape. Fuck them regularly to raise your stat and trade your wife and the impregnated concubine for new girl at the warehouse. When you stat are high enough, visit the dungeon, fuck C41 and pick the canister in the office to fuck the whore in the whorehouse later.

Incubus city game guide

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