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The deadline for papers submission to NORDICHI'16 conference is approaching.

NordiCHI’16 is the 9th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction​, taking place in
Gothenburg​ (Sweden) in
23-27, 2016​.​

The theme of NordiCHI’16 is game-changing design​, meant ​
in its dual sense​:​
firstly how design and designs can completely change how we perceive and act in the world, but secondly – and just as importantly – whether and how we can change our perception of what design really is, and how it should be done. There are many visions to be shared here: on sustainable HCI; on novel interfaces; on familiar technology in new contexts or novel technology in known contexts; on un-designing and/or redesigning society.

​The deadline to submit long and short paper is April 14, 2016.​
For further details, please visit the conference website​.​




It contains the 3 technological WPs: WP2 focuses on providing EDC hardware, WP3 focuses on computationally exploiting EDC technology for Gesture analysis and...