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The consortium as a whole can be divided into two main groups of partners

The consortium as a whole can be divided into two main groups of partners:

(a) Scientific/Technological research partners that provide the EDC technology and
(b) non‐scientific/technological research and industrial partners that will integrate the EDC components with a commercial platform (tablet), perform usercentred requirement analyses and validation, and analyse marketing strategies and options for an eventual future product development.

On the research side there are partners UPMC, CSIC and IIT. In ECOMODE these three partners will complement each other very clearly: CSIC will lead the EDC hardware aspects of the projects, UPMC will lead EDC computational developments for vision based gesture detection and recognition, and IIT will focus on EDC‐vision assisted speech recognition. All three of them will provide a common EDC specific platform to be interfaced with a standard commercial tablet‐like device.

Partner INNOVATI is experienced in integrating software modules into commercial tablets and in developing specific applications for tablet users, including specific applications for disabled users. INNOVATI will lead the integration aspects of the EDC components with mobile devices. They have strong links to tablet manufacturers and thus will provide a valuable input for market analyses and industrialization requirements of possible future products.

Partners FBK and StreetLab will lead the work on user‐centered requirement analyses as well as final usercentered validations. StreetLab will focus on visually impaired users, while FBK will focus on slightly motorimpaired and elderly users.

Partner CHRONOCAM is a newly created SME to commercialize EDC sensors in a first stage and other EDC hardware and applications in the future. CHRONOCAM goals in the future are to focus on industrialization aspects of EDC products, although at present they are also interested in participating in technological developments. CHRONOCAM will collaborate with some of the technological partners and will also collaborate strongly with INNOVATI in marketing analyses and industrialization plans.

Partner FSCHS is a foundation located at the same site than coordinator UPMC (Paris). They will do administrative support for management activities.