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 The organisational structure of the Consortium comprises the following Consortium Bodies:

  • Coordinator (COO): is responsible for the Grant Agreement with the EC and is the intermediary between the consortium and the European Commission;
    Prof. Benosman and Prof. Clady will represent the COO in front of the European Commission and will be responsible for the management of the project and its resources..
  • The Scientific Coordinator: the operative project scientific coordinator will support the COO in certain management tasks;
    Prof. Benosman and Prof. Clady (COO) will be supported for administrative tasks by “Fondation Voir et Entendre” (FSCHS) and “Universite Pierre et Marie Curie” (UPMC) administration which both have a vast experience in the management of EU funded project
  • Executive Board (EB): the decision making body which has the highest level of authority in the project;
    The EB is the decision making body and has the highest level of authority in the project. Each Partner is represented by one PI and has one vote. In general, the EB meets at least once every 6 months (and as often as necessary through teleconferencing) to discuss project progress and to make decisions and take action where appropriate.
  • Work Package Leaders (WPL): direct the day‐to‐day technical planning and work within the Work Packages.