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workplanIt contains the 3 technological WPs:
WP2 focuses on providing EDC hardware,
WP3 focuses on computationally exploiting EDC technology for Gesture
analysis and recognition, and
WP4 focuses on improving speech recognition by EDC vision assistance.

These 3 technological WPs feed the Integration WP5, where the disruptive EDC technology is integrated with a more conventional tablet and mobile device technological platform, by developing appropriate software interfaces not only with the EDC devices but also for user‐oriented applications.

WP6 and WP7 are user‐centred WPs.
In WP6 the work will focus on analysing user requirements (of target disabled groups) for properly interacting through air gestures and speech with the EDC based devices.
WP7 will come in at later stages of the project with the goal of evaluation of the resulting platform, but also from the user‐centred point of view (of the
target disabled groups).

In parallel with all these technological, integration, and user‐centred developments,
WP8 will continuously receive input from all WPs and analyse marketing possibilities not only for the overall demonstrator platform ECOMODE will provide, but also for their individual components separately.

Management WP1 is active throughout the project.