Lust doll game

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Into feet, but not BDSM? Where other games start you with a character creator and ask you to choose between hairstyles and eye colors, Lust Doll gives you a menu of fetishes and turn-ons, letting you pick through and define how your game will progress. The idea here is that you can swap out and fiddle with just about everything else in games, especially RPGs, why not fetishes?

The sexy vignettes come in the form of detailed, occasionally dry, descriptions lust doll game your shenanigans, which usually happen off-screen. Most of the chats are rather mundane: with people offering their suggestions for how to tweak the game, or which features should be added in upcoming releases. But others request specific fetishes be included, like diaper-wearing, or ask for tips on things like how to start lactating in-game. Indivi funds development through Patreon, which they say has grown to become a primary income source. There will still be regular updates and modders are encouraged to dig through the code and add what they can, but for now, Indivi is focusing their efforts on their next game, Rainy Skies.

That work is worth it, though, if only because it means that fans get to tailor their experience, which Invidi hopes will help the sex-game genre to come out of the shadows. The A. By Dan Starkey.

Lust doll game

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