My girlfriends amnesia game

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Released on May 2, For PC Windows. No voice acting. Download the game for free. After a horrible car accident, your girlfriend got a terrible amnesia. Will you stay loyal to your amnesiac girlfriend? Or will you use this golden opportunity to be unfaithful?

The game follows nine long days as your girlfriend recovers her memory. Your choices during those days will decide which ending you unlock. A lot can happen over nine days. I need to check this :P. Downvoted for speaking a a simple logic. My girlfriends amnesia game some real sensitive types on n4g. XD this actually had me dying. Reminded me of Randy in South Park with the nut lol.

They're tremendously entertaining. And to jznrpg, would you say the same about women and romance novels? Or are they able to read those books without furiously masturbating in chapter 1 and then falling asleep? Sexuality and titilation can be enjoyed without instant gratification and it is often more exciting to wait. If that's TMI, you're the one who clicked on an article about a porn game, so that's on you. I don't see mainstream film sites posting reviews of PornHub videos Do the math.

Samus the second half of your post is nonsensical. Women don't like sex? And "slightly dominated"? Is that kinda like "mildly annihilated" or "somewhat completely destroyed"? But yes, I know N4G is user driven but there are standards and mods and it's apparently mostly younger gamers who don't need to worry about NSFW stuff.

There's 20 new games that come out a month. We review sometimes 2 games a day, and still can't keep up with all the releases. The adult gaming industry is booming, and this is only the start. This game is horrendous and abusive. What the actual F is wrong with people. You're jerking off to digital Cartoons. Developers need a life. Y'all are straight up twisted. I also cannot wait for my boyfriends Amnesia - a new take on humiliating a fat programmer with abusive language and female dominance. My girlfriends amnesia game I am "DISTURBED" by the of supposedly straight males who rage against male sexuality and those who might be unafraid to explore aspects of it that haven't been deemed "appropriate" by our feminist cultural overlords.

Let me ask you this - are you able to enjoy a Marvel movie? Does that make you stupid for enjoying them or are you simply able to use your imagination such that those "cartoons" are seen more as art worthy of appreciation?

My girlfriends amnesia game

If you weren't so cucked by the gynocracy, you'd be able to see the value in breasts and sexualized imagery no matter what the visual medium. Marvel ain't about cartoons poking their polygons into each other either knowing full well the person playing that game is most likely tugging one out over it.

These sorts of games are never going to been seen as normal to a lot of people. That's no disrespect to the people that do enjoy them and get some sort of sexual satisfaction from it. Each to their own really but these games will always been seen as creepy, seedy and not normal to the general public. The same way hentai does.

KyRo The reason that these games will always be seen as "creepy" in The West is the fact that women dominate our cultural narrative to the point that masculinity, and male sexuality in particular, has been demonized.

My girlfriends amnesia game

Go to Japan and you will find that this sort of thing is not shamed in the same way it is in the West. The reason for this is that men have yet to submit in the same way that they have here. Get a grip, you are clearly an incel. Asia's women are oppressed you literal douche bag, as are most of the world's women. The reason for that is because of the fear tactics and sex trafficking that happens on a daily basis.

You know absolutely nothing and should go dig a hole and place incel penis in it and call it a life because you are the problem with humanity. Do you think women are some subservient obedient sex slaves for your pleasure? I would love to smack the American CoolAid down your throat and force you to watch your mother and sister get violated like this.

My girlfriends amnesia game

Like this if you think samus beats his peepee to his sister and mother. GTFOH you loser. Bloodymeatballs Happily married for many years now, you tool. Look up the word "variety". There's this old saying about it being "the spice of life" or something. There might be something to that. As for your self-righteous grandstanding, that will probably work out better for you on Twitter where all you other raving man haters seem to get your jollies.

May I suggest you screenshot my post and get your virtue aling back-pats over there? There's never going to be a full consensus on what is acceptable content in the adult content market. Sexuality has always been controversial, and highly politicized. It's best to ignore the angry mobs who are not your customers, and just do content you're happy with. Remember, this isn't mainstream television, where you have to complain en masse to a corrupt corporate conglomerate to produce the fiction you want, which feminists have become experts at. They're just really good at complaining so other people do what they want, when they could just create content themselves.

And, if you don't have the skills to create your own stuff, and the market doesn't offer what you want, you can always commission production teams to produce it. My business provides that service too. Well thought out responses by otakuapologist. Samus has some serious issues to work out though Imagine being someone who uses the words cucked and gynocracy. My girlfriends amnesia game amount of self-pitying mental gymnastics that incels go through is crazy. Jesus Christ my girlfriends amnesia game are pussies these days. Regardless of the inflammatory rhetoric, my point is the same: leave people alone to enjoy what they like.

Samus you are a sub par n4g user. Quite seriously you should go F yourself with your d testosterone and male dominance right between your cheeks. I swear responses like this are the reason these articles will always appear. Even back when I ed this site inarticles like these have always been around encouraging the same response. It's a proud tradition. There's games with dominant females, games with dominant males, games with romance, games that explore the darker side of sex. People enjoy different roles and activities, and games allow them a better outlet than fiction to explore their interests.

The market for adult games is extremely fragmented. Rest assured, there's content you're going to enjoy, and content you're not going to enjoy. Bloodymeatballs I quite enjoy that you felt compelled to respond well after this thread fell off the front and lost its visibility.

Hit the gym, champ. Maybe next time. Show her how a real man treats a lady, not some scumbag who mistreats women through a fucking cartoon game. My curiosity got the better of me so I clicked the link I should have checked the domain name before doing so really.

My girlfriends amnesia game

I can't believe there's even a review template to follow on these games. There's something genuinely disturbing about the amount of these games showing up in N4G headlines as of lately. I've read a couple of their reviews, and at least they're consistent and fair in their content. I personally don't care for their commentary on the quality of the sexual content, because it's too personal, but I can at least respect that they cater to their audience.

One that isn't mainstream, but at least they don't get political and condemn these games out of hand like anyone else would if they bothered to review them. These kinds of games don't really interest me. If I want visual novel type games, the non-pornographic ones, even if provocative in places, tend to be better deed, and have higher production quality. This particular game did have some good graphics in places, but other places it looked kind of amateurish.

You don't have to read.

My girlfriends amnesia game

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