My new life game walkthrough

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Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. If you choose to play with mod when is available some events may start a little different sooner or later. Intro: Play it. This begins the Rachel Quest. Look at the small tutorial in your house. I recommend to Backup your saves every time you finish quest lines, so if you made an error you be able to correct it.

Rachel Part 11 Visit Rachel at home during the afternoon on weekends you can also visit in the morning. She lives in building 5 in Old Quarter. Watch the Scene b. Leave her House Here is a good time to buy a car from Golden Town. Go home and use the lamp beside your PC, input for password and use the cheat to add money. Go to the food store take the road to the right from bus stop in East Town go right to food store and buy chocolates, then head to Golden Town North - East of East Townwhen you are in Golden Town head south east to the car dealer and buy a car choose a fast and expensive one to impress Beth and Laura at her quests later on.

To get out of your car: there are parking lot in every town on map except Old Quarter, there you have a parking beside your home, the parking lot in each town have a cycle, my new life game walkthrough you can park and get out of the car. Select the lesson you want and go to the door left from Jet to start the lesson. Go to sleep. Next weekday go to school.

My new life game walkthrough

In class talk to Rachel. She will be upset with you, talk her again and give her the chocolates. Rachel will forgive you and she ask you to call her for a date. Attend to class sit to the chair. Here It is a good time to start first Daisy and second Beth recess in between, do only the recess do not continue her quests, leave it for later time.

After school call Rachel for your first date. You can see Info for Dating Rachel at last s a. After the date, Rachel will invite you to the alley b. Maria will catch you in the alley. You must complete Maria Quest Part 1 before progressing further with Rachel. Maria Part 1: a. You will transport to your home and after a litle talk with Maria to your room and she comes in to yell at you. The next morning go downstairs and Maria will be waiting for you. She tells you to go to Terracotta fashion store to pick up a package for her. Talk to the shop girl and she gives you Maria's package. You transported back to Old Quarter, in your house.

Maria is standing in front of you, talk to her. Give her the package and you will transport to school. Go to your room and sleep. Continue to do chores and Special Lessons until Maria take's you to her sister house. At sister house take the 4 boxes, go upstairs and put them on the cycles, when you finish enjoy the scene. If you follow this walkthrough step by step the next day must be Saturday, spend time until then go to living room enter from the right door to see the scene, go to sleep and Maria visits you when you are sleeping again.

Sunday spend time until hours and at this time play console game left side from center table in your room enjoy the scene, go to sleep. The first time she will awake You can do this on any night. As you increase your stealth you can progress furthergo to sleep. On the weekend in the morning go and find Maria on the beach in Old Quarter and talk with her. She will ask you to her on the beach answer Yes. Go back home and into your room and in the my new life game walkthrough with white arrow right from the lamp, take your swimsuit c. You transferred back to the beach, talk to Maria.

Enjoy the scene. On the same day at night while you sleep, Maria will wake you up, enjoy.

My new life game walkthrough

On the first weekday Monday morning, after you spend time with Maria on the weekend, go downstairs Maria stands in front of the doorway of your home, talk to her before the afternoon arrives a. She will take you to her job a. You have to go into the computer of Maria's rival Dr. Grab the money from the office. Look on the north wall at the calendar and then on the whiteboard. If you can't figure out the puzzle the password is d. Go to the PC and enter the password e.

Get out of the office and talk to Maria. My new life game walkthrough will transport back home. Talk again with Maria Enjoy the scene. Talk with Rachel in the classroom. She will ask you to change the answers on her exam, you have to sneak into the teachers area and don't let them see you, look the image below. Go down along the path but make sure not to go too fast and run into the teacher walking the same direction.

Stop at the door marked by 2 and check it out if you don't the keys won't be in the desk later on 5. Continue to follow the teacher and then grab the honey from the locker then go in the door marked 3. Exit the door marked 5 after she passes 8.

Walk back to the door marked 2 while avoiding teachers. Your character will go to leave and notice Ms. Taylor's coat. You have 1 min 30 sec to get to the store, make the copy, and then get back to the side of the building where you came out of the window. If you arrive on time: You will have a copy of the keys to Ms. Taylors House 2. Taylor will change the locks at her house and you will not be able to do the Ms. Taylor quest line. Once you're back inside the teachers room there will be no more teachers in the area.

Walk back to the exit on the North-West and when you exit you will transport to attend the second class. Visit Rachel in her house. She will finish what you started in the alley. When you are about to finish you have a choice to warn her. Warn her: More love. Don't Warn her: Less love. Go home and sleep. You can visit Rachel at home during the afternoon on weekdays, morning and afternoon on weekends.

When your love level is high enough if you talk to Rachel at her home she will ask you to recover her comics. Go back to Rachel's house and enjoy a new scene. When your love level is high enough if you talk to Rachel at her home she will ask you for a favor, you have to go to Beth's house to pick up some of Rachel's things. Take your car or the bus and visit Beth at her home in the afternoon time. Beth lives in house 4 in High Neighborhood. Second home at right of bus stop. Enter in Beth's House b. Talk with Beth's mom c. Go upstairs d.

Enter in Beth's room and talk with her. She will return Rachel's stuff. Return to Rachel's house use the car or the bus. Give her stuff back and watch another new scene. Continue visits to increase your love with Rachel. Info: BoN messed the first time sex with Rachel and your sexual skills are reset ed, reload the game, go to your room and use the cheat to increase your sex skills, after that visit Rachel, enjoy.

When your love level is high enough if you talk to Rachel at her home she will ask to have sex with you. When you max out your love with Rachel, talk to her at recess time at school and she will invite you to bathroom, enjoy. Return home and visit Maria and Dad's room, enjoy. You can visit Rachel, MC says that is mess up and he have to visit Morgan, ignore it, this dialogue remained from versions.

The next day morning when you wake my new life game walkthrough you will see Dad in the hallway talking on the phone. Watch the scene and then follow him outside of the house, do not get too close keep about 4 boxes away b. Follow him through New Neighborhood into Commercial Neighborhood and into the alley. Watch the scene Free time take your car from parking lot right side from Hospital or the Bus and visit Rachel, depends of your play through, this visit is the first anal scene, make sure you have lubricant, ig you have lubricant talk to Rachel again or else go to pharmacy to buy it and return to Rachel.

The next weekday go to school.

My new life game walkthrough

The director will stop you when you enter and have a conference with you and Dad. When you leave the meeting go up to the first floor and head over to the east wing. Travel to the room on the bottom left of the map and go inside to find a screwdriver c. From there exit the door and near the door to the right you will see a ventilation shaft. You can't miss it there is a big arrow blinking on it. Refer to [Image] to see the path and location of all interesting events watch the time limit. Spy Brenda 2. Spy Carol 3. Spy Ms. Gyna 4. Spy Pam and Nadine 5.

My new life game walkthrough

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