My sister my roommate patreon game

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My sister my roommate patreon game

Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Plenty of memorable characters, interesting story. I really like to emphasize the point my sister my roommate patreon game for a change we get to play as a MC who isn't a handsome stud but an average looking teenager with a normal dick instead of the horse dick usually seen in many other Adult VN which was enough to get any girl.

Its fun to watch him grow from a virgin who prematurely ejaculates his 1st time-6 sec into a mature stud. Loved this VN game! Has the best humor out of all the games I've played so far. Don't pay attention to any of the negative reviews about this game as there is nothing negative about it at all. Lots of fun with good characters and great scenes. Really looking forward to the next game by Sumodeine.

Ok, I managed to finish the game, time to review the game. The very concept of the story of this game is perfectly fine. The problem, unfortunately, is in the telling of the story. The story development is not very realistic or believable. A boy who hasn't had any contact with women all his life after going to college doesn't even have to try too hard to bang chicks left and right. It's enough for him to be cute and weird. Something like that completely kills the sense of story progression.

Speaking of characters, it's hard to point out any character in this game that really stands out above the rest. Most of the characters are just plain boring, with no backstory that would allow you to get emotionally involved with them. The only characters that fall into this category are Nikki and Molly, but even they aren't particularly interesting. The game has a few different endings but yet I still felt many times that the game was forcing too many things on me and as a result I felt that my choices had minimal impact.

For example, why couldn't I tell Mrs. Sollaine to fuck off at the very beginning of the story? Why was there all this story with Skylar if it didn't matter what I did with her at the end anyway? The renders are just OK and nothing more. Neither are they top notch, nor are they terrible. The characters are often lacking in detail, which makes it harder to get emotionally involved in the scenes.

As far as animations are concerned, I really felt like I was back in school and I was dicking around in Power Point. It would be better if there were no animations at all. Humor and dialogues are probably the only positive aspects of this game. I really enjoyed the incest references, the trial at the end of the game or the truth and dare game on the beach.

Even the references to politics were okay. Overall the game is unfortunately highly disappointing. Maybe the author's next project will be more interesting. Nice looking, easy going game. Quality of renders is good, animations are fine and background music is OK. Story is maybe little bit too much straight forward but I can't say that it's wrong. There is certain level of characters development as well as some spice in the plot. With playthrought time about 5 hours, this is a ideal game for those, who are looking for above average game with more linear story and nice visual.

I can recommand.

My sister my roommate patreon game

Excellent character models that has more realistic feel to them and not Barbie like. Having the choice what to do during those scenes will add to the immersion. Story is very simple but has excellent writing.

My sister my roommate patreon game

Dialogue is fast paced and smooth, also pretty funny at times. Graphics are kinda dated but it holds up. Animations are kinda wonky and sex scenes are pretty short. Most characters are pretty interesting, choices matter and have consequences, and there are multiple endings. You have to replay the game to get all the scenes. In conclusion, this a solid VN with a male mc and incest content. Not sure I can give it much more than 3. It has its bright points with graphics and comedic writing and I enjoy some of the renders but I otherwise don't feel all that much else satisfaction towards it.

The MC is nearly as dense as a rock and sometimes doesn't understand something even though it's already been explained to him. Getting a little annoyed at how devs make some MCs or characters just overtly dumb. We have minimal choices to make that affect the story itself, making it more of VN than a game like Spectre mentioned The sex scenes are quite literally powerpoint slides, i. Hard to appreciate them 'cause they aren't really there to begin with.

My sister my roommate patreon game

Just hard to have any sense of "emotional" attachment towards the game that made me want to continue playing but that's just me. The game is a teenage male fantasy that is too unrealistic for me to really connect with and enjoy.

My sister my roommate patreon game

The story is forced and the game constantly tells the player how they feel about all the characters in the game without leaving any of the decisions up to the player. There are few choices in the game and it is really just a visual novel and not a game. The graphics are decent but the renders are below average my sister my roommate patreon game outdated.

The character models are very basic and lack detail. The sex scenes are plentiful but they lack soul. They are over very quickly and there is almost no buildup to them. The sex events in the game come very easily with no effort on the part of the MC. It is a bit too much to swallow, even for a fantasy novel. The MC gets lucky constantly and everyone wants to have sex with him. I can only see the appeal for teens who don't understand how relationships really work. The MC literally does almost nothing to get girls to suck him off and fuck him.

Your sister in the game acts like a whore and slut and freely gets naked in front of you and even enjoys you watching her get naked, masturbate, and have sex with other guys. Way too much fantasy here with little realism. The best stories are ones that are mostly believable with some fantasy, not just a teenage male wet dream.

As a side note — this review will be completely spoiler free other than mentioning character names. STORY: While simple, a shy guy going into college, the story does have its merits, mainly being able to keep up a very good pace whilst keeping itself interesting. The dialogue, whilst not complex in any way, does a very good job in being entertaining, often cracking jokes at itself or at the expense of one or another character, always in a fairly lighthearted and friendly way. The main character being beyond clueless as far as social cues go works wonders for comedic value, whether or not his misinterpretation le to his success.

Special thanks to Sumodeine, the creator. Enjoyed it.

My sister my roommate patreon game

Typical story and is as unrealistic as it can get but the writting manages to be entertaining by being funny. In a way it's like a parody of all other games like this, because it never tries to sell you bad writing, it's a game that wants to be funny while providing gratouitous renders. And it manages that just fine. The characters are stereotypical, and if you are into character development and realistic settings this is not for you. Definitely worth playing, pretty enjoyable game, good in all aspects.

Not the best, as the females aren't very breathtaking. But the story is good, with some thoughts and humor. Visual content is well done. Erotic scenes are OK. Branches depend on choices, especially the endings. Can be recommended. Let me be frank: This was a four-star game at best for most of my playthrough. The renders are dated, and the animation is kind of weak. BUT, god-damn is this not a fun game! The writing is top-notch! It is very self-aware and funny and that's what makes this story work.

It my sister my roommate patreon game a fun story with good branching and lots of different kinds of attractive females to play with. I really enjoyed the Devs take on alternative relationship styles and how normalized he makes them as it should be! It has fourth-wall breaks, commentary, and tons of easter eggs.

However, because of the easter eggs, I do NOT recommend this game as a starting point for your porn game experience. Go out and play some other games first. You will enjoy it much more with some experience. But do not miss out on this game. It is excellent! Great game, love the story and chars, since the roomate Niki to the sweet Molly, good replayability to get al the scenes and ending. Was a bit tired of all those incest games, was a fresh pause. Animations were ok, and the several sex positions during sex was also a good start.

This is the best and most fun game I have ever played The author's sense of humor is unsurpassed and there are no overdeveloped mammary glands or baseball bat-sized penises There is a very entertaining, original and realistic story.

My sister my roommate patreon game

The funny dialogues are around every scene and the characters are most believable Without a doubt, my favorite visual novel and the most entertaining and fun I've been lucky enough to play. Others will be better technically, but surely will not enjoy a script as good as this game's Congratulations, Sumodeine, this has been a great job. Hay una historia muy entretenida, original y realista. Enhorabuena, Sumodeine, has hecho un gran trabajo.

My sister my roommate patreon game

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