Night games fenoxo

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Night games fenoxo

Nightgames Mod v2. Thread starter nergantre Start date Aug 28, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Prev 1 … Go night games fenoxo.

Go to. First Prev 37 of 85 Go to. Aug 27, AssFuck", "weight" I tried looking into the source, but I wasn't able to understand how it's factored in exactly. Click to expand Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, Nov 28, 10 0. Thanks for the explanation! Aug 14, 28 1. A list of "" would be great, I tried oral, SixNine, Anal, anallyPenetrated, but I can't figure out exactly what I can fill these variables with in order to flesh out the ending scenes.

I want to know if "anal" as above applies to femdom anal or reverse cowgirl anal or how that's decided. It'll immensely help with writing the scenes. Included in the download is a data file for DefaultComments. If I include similar coding on the individual newcharacter.

Those are the three things that have limited my progress the most, I hope with these answered, I can start pumping out a few different characters to run around with me that are easily ed and shared. To me, the best solution is to include a HowTo readme in the character's folder upon download with a few different explanations since most of the other stuff can be deduced from samantha.

That's really what I was having trouble with. I wasn't sure how to break apart separate position scenes, seems like requirement gates are the way to go. Thanks for explaining this stuff, I feel like it's pretty obvious now and that I should have tested stuff further on my own end. I'm liking the way this is all laid out, it's pretty easy to work with. MotoKuchoma Well-Known Member. Nov 3, Man it would totally kick ass if more than those 3 conditions were checked for victory scenes. Also, maybe someone with a big heart could bring it over themselves to make it easier to write custom characters?

A manual similar to the one for starting conditions would be nice and maybe a list for what can be done and what night games fenoxo to be there for the character to work. MotoKuchoma said:. Two: Anal isn't working with standing behind opponent. I think some of the triggers for positions aren't flagging quite right.

Night games fenoxo

What I mean by this is that if I use maneuver on a naked opponent and assfuck to victory or defeat, it's not reading the result as anal. Three: I've got about three scenes left to write and I want to do some continuity work with the character I'm building and then I'm finished up. If anyone was interested, it's a size-fetish witch and depending on the different situations for defeat, she shrinks you and wins. If that's up your alley or you just want to play with more characters, I'll post her up here when night games fenoxo done.

Due to laziness, I didn't set her code her stories to really work well with anything other than PC is male with dick, and she's using a strap-on if anything. After I post my character up here, I'll post some how-tos for character creation for the game and then hopefully other people can start making their own NPCs. Bronzechair Well-Known Member. Aug 30, 6. Bronzechair said:. There hasn't been a lot of activity here lately for whatever reason.

Mostly due to a combination of more important things to do and lack of inspiration. Jewel's addiction is functionally complete subject to balancingit's the scenes that are killing me. I've decided to do just a single daytime scene instead of 3but even that one I've now written and scrapped multiple times due to shitty quality. At some point I'll get a slightly non-shitty version, and then it won't take long to get an update out. On the bright side, said more important things involve me building a game-ish AI, and I might be able to use the same techniques here.

That should improve matters greatly, if it works out alright. No worries, I wasn't bashing anyone for not being active here. Even if the reason is no interest, that's just how it goes. I understand your difficulty with writing though; I had the same problem making a custom character and some scenes for pre-existing characters for the vanilla game.

Writing something that seems "good enough" is definitely the tough part. Can you tell us anything night games fenoxo your new AI? It sounds like it's a stand-alone project, but the field is interesting and I'd like to hear how it might interact with NG. Considering how all over the place the code is and that you're essentially working off what Negrante and Silver Bard did, maybe if you wanted to implement something like that, it could be kinda its own thing, meant for a more adaptable thing.

Sep 2, I think the game needs a further endgame right now. Balancing the fight system is interesting from an A. It's not a bad game at that point, but there is definitely a focus shift in the game from the earlier levels.

Night games fenoxo

What it seems to be missing to me, is a payoff to the story. NightGames tend to make sense in how they progress stats up for everybody, more focused characters as time goes onbut the story right now is dependent on characters and isn't gated by decisions. You can be everybody's buddy and fucking everybody is encouraged, that's okay by me, but I think the game could benefit from a Reyka vs Angel or a Cassie vs Mara angle without having them be truly antagonistic so much as have gating decisions or plot forking.

If you go to study science, you learn that magic will short circuit the sensitive danglebobs if you have arcane body parts. If you have night games fenoxo powers, it will be a bitch to get them removed if you want to become divine. The body-mod side of this game has always seemed a little bit of a weak part of the character building aspect, and maybe it can be exploited to further this sort of process caveat: it's your game, do what you like. If you're going to have a game that people replay for entertainment, you need to have a few plot forks to keep the character stories individualized or else there is no punishment for dumping a character into the dustbin.

While I like the fact that I can do everything, and that's my PC's strength in the long run, I don't like that I feel like my night games fenoxo impact was a few fleeting relationships in college. Maybe a plot choice or three would help me feel like, "This guy is a He wants End game suggestion: Let us pick the opponents for the night in some fashion or at least two of the opponents as a reward for winning more nights than we lost or something.

The Silver Bard said:.

Night games fenoxo

I wrote up a much longer reply to this, but my internet connection died and I lost it. Excuse my brevity. I can only speak to the base game, but my content will probably be integrated into the mod, so it should be applicable. I'm planning on the ending storylines to start between levels They will be my main priority when I return to working on Night Games, but I expect them to take a very long time to write and implement. I night games fenoxo vague ideas for most of my own characters sorry Reyka and Samantha and a very specific idea for Mara's which I was working on before I took a break.

There will be some late-game plot forks that will exclude other endings. There will also be some mechanical forking as well since each girl's specialization skillset like hypnosis and temporal manipulation will be mutually exclusive. Body mods won't be a factor since they don't appear in the main game. Also, Angel is a succubus in the main game, so that will be different.

Night games fenoxo

ScarredEyes Well-Known Member. Oct 13, night games fenoxo 1. Ooh, new things to check out I've got to say though, for both the original and the mod, this game is the only thing that keeps me coming back to this site daily - to see if there's anything new. That, and decisions that really create a unique playthrough each time, since the lack thereof is stopping any build up of affection to other characters other than, "I like what she seems to be like". I made a character. This is Summer the size witch. Just throw her in your included. JSON and she works. I'm going to post this before I get embarrassed by having spent two weeks writing smut for the first time ever View attachment summer.

Aug 28, 1, I'm going to post this before I get embarrassed by having spent two weeks writing smut for the first time ever View attachment TheDarkMaster said:. Does that mean that she tries to shrink the PC, or that she's into the PC having really big endowments? Vanity New Member. Sep 14, 4 0. It did not go very far, but it does allow for a great deal of customization. She kinda seems to have 9 victory scenes and no defeat or draw scenes. That is an impressive of scenes though. You and I seem to have pretty similar tastes, and the variety of quotes and scenes for everything was interesting.

I wholly approve!

Night games fenoxo

There was also a second one that said only: "Exception while removing reference. No idea how long that one's been there.

Night games fenoxo

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