Roommates game guide

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Please note that this game received its rating of O for a gory Halloween costume, profanity, non-explicit sexual content, and a lot of alcoholic consumption. Winter Wolves tends to go big with their visual novel games. Saving the world from ancient evilsurviving a shipwreckeven solving a murder Depending on what version of the game you choose to buy, you'll play as either Max or Anne, both freshmen with their own hopes and agendas.

Roommates game guide

Whoever you're playing as, the basic gameplay remains the same. The game will take you through the daily life of campus, allowing you to make decisions that influence how people look at you and the way things play out. You'll be able to create your schedule for each day, choosing what to do and where to do, which influences your money and energy levels in addition to improving your grades and your character traits.

Rather than traditional statistics, Roommates uses things like Rationality, Spontaneity, and more, which are important when it comes to getting along with your fellow students. And I do mean getting alongwink wink, say no more, say no more!

Roommates game guide

While it's disappointing that there's only one gay option compared to a straight player's three is one choice really any choice at all? As for the characters themselves, they're a diverse and extremely likable lot in many ways, and the different personalities liven the game up considerably. They have a lot more depth than it may seem at first impression, from Isabella's unexpectedly earnest and generous charm, to Rakesh's mad fits of occasionally dangerous artistic fancy Everyone is very well-written, and Roommates might be the first Winter Wolves game that really made me want to scour every single path to see all of the content with all of the characters and scenarios.

Roommates game guide

Both Anne and Max's storylines offer a lot of different content and interactions to boot. At the same time, however, it did lead to some inconsistencies By keeping the overall story comparatively drama-free, Roommates delivers a mostly light-hearted tale with some seriously funny dialogue and endearing moments The gameplay roommates game guide going to be extremely familiar to anyone who's played a Winter Wolves sim, right down to the grinding for grades and statistics, but the little colour commentary your character offers for each activity provides a lot of charm that breaks things up.

That the game also clearly displays what traits each romance option looks for, and at what values, allows you to focus your efforts without flailing around in the dark. It's the sort of relaxing yet engrossing experience that seems to manage putting you in a good mood with ease. Roommates doesn't drastically shake up the life simulation visual novel formula, but it is proof positive just how much fun a simpler storyline can be when done right.

Roommates is warm, funny, and definitely replayable Though its stories aren't as complex or dramatic as others, Roommates is certainly my favourite Winter Wolves visual novel to date, and maybe one of my favourites in the genre, period. Have to say I'm not super crazy on Max as a player character, he comes off as an abrasive jackass and this doesn't seem like the kind of game where he's going to grow out of it.

And some of the relationship scoring seems kind of arbitary, such as the murder mystery where because I Anne guessed correctly, it roommates game guide Max's relationship which imho makes no sense as it's just a game with no penalty for the 'murderer'. Max has a lot of scenes the farther you go into the game that provide a lot of context and depth for his character, although I did initially have the exact same reaction as you.

Roommates game guide

Thankfully, the incident at the party is pretty much the only weird instance of relationship scoring I can think of, but look at it this way I wish pricing was more transparent on mobile games. I need help I do everything I'm supposed to, but I can't seem to get Rakesh's ending for Max. I pretty much make him the only character whose stats I level up and I even got the relationship bar to 95! Please help Can you post a walkthrough. Sorry jsykitty96, we don't have a walkthrough planned. They are extremely time consuming and expensive to make, especially for lengthy games!

The roommates game guide advice I can give for Isabelle is to. Always side with her any chance you get, but also make sure you aren't just sucking up to her The exception to this tends to be in scenes that might not be strictly "for" her There are a LOT of scenes for Isabelle, so always make sure you play every one the game presents you rather than skipping them because you never know if one might wind up involving Isabelle. If all else fails If you're really stuck, save before every choice.

If the option you choose makes her bar raise, keep playing. If nothing happens, or if it lowers, just reload your save and try again. I figured out what I was doing wrong with Isabelle I was getting the wrong stats up Lol but with rakesh I'm sure I have the right stats up at and I have him at 95 before spring break Is there a third stat I have to raise or something?

Roommates game guide

But thanks again for the help with Isabelle! I figured it out quite by chance and I had tried everything else. I decided to start scoring points with Dominic since he doesn't have an ending with Max. Nuts, I know, but you'll actually get 5 points from Rakesh you have to have played all the events with Rakesh and gotten the points.

Thanks so much you don't know how many times I tried getting his ending I got every other persons ending besides his thanks so much! You're awesome. I've just got this game on my tablet but can't work out how to get jobs. Can anyone help?

Hi Mary. Jobs are scheduled like any other task from your calendar screen and marked with "work". Some are available right away, others need to be unlocked later on, and still others are only available if your skills are high enough. You don't apply for them, and you can work them as often or as little as you want, and more than one at a time too. I seem to be having problems unlocking Dominic's Spring Break scene for Roommates game guide. I have my stats up to where they need to be, but don't know if I need to do anything else to unlock the scene.

Roommates game guide

Does anyone know how to do this? The only advice I can really give is the same I can give for all the characters. Make sure you're focusing on only building the skills that relate to him, and ALWAYS play every event because you never know what he's going to appear in. If you're having difficulty building your relationship, save before each choice. If the option you select doesn't give you a relationship increase before the scene ends, reload and try again.

Sometimes the obvious choice isn't always the correct one Some characters require more than just skills and relationships for the romance scenes to actually trigger. For example, I believe that your grades are important to Anne and Dominic. Omfg I wish there were guys like Dominic that actually exist in real life.

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Roommates game guide 24 ViewsRoommates iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Roommates Android. Roommates Kindle Fire. The roommates game guide advice I can give for Isabelle is to make sure you have both of the two stats she values as high as they need to be prior to spring break. Rakesh ending with Max I figured it out quite by chance and I had tried everything else. See the comment I placed on May 5th; only found it by exhausting every single other option! Guys can i know which are the two stats isabelle values?

Scifigirl, please help me with Max's ending, nothing is really working for me xc. Dora or scifigirl, please help xc. How do I stop Sally from dating Memphis in Max's story? Address. Remember personal info? Some notes about leaving Comments: Please consider creating a Casual Gameplay if you're a regular visitor here, as it will allow us to create an even better experience for you.

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Roommates game guide

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