Sexy escape games

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The Boobie Trap was funny, a little sexy, and very racy — relative to most other escape rooms. Trapology was one of the earliest escape room companies in the US, and in our opinion The Boobie Trap was their strongest game yet. The introduction of an actor was fantastic and under the circumstances of this game, done in a classy, safe, and respectful way.

The sexually-themed puzzles were funny… although I would love to see Trapology push themselves farther to develop the quality of their puzzle and game elements. How sexy is The Boobie Trap? I know some people who will find themselves blushing at this game. I know others who will find it adorable. All in all, this was a strong and unique addition to the Boston escape room scene.

Sexy escape games

I love it when creators push boundaries and cast escape games in a new light to draw in different audiences. We had a dark desire that we were compelled to explore. It had brought us to a cute little coffee shop that hid a secret BDSM club in the rear. It was a great looking coffee shop complete with a barista who struck a true-to-life balance between incompetence and condescension.

Sexy escape games

It was also adorned with photographs taken specifically for this game by a professional, so … authentic. It had a moderate level of difficulty. Core gameplay revolved around searching, observing, making connections, puzzling, and engaging with the sexy escape games. He was compelling as an incompetent and patronizing barista. Through this persona he was able to hint our group, keeping the gameplay on track, and the mood light, even when we stalled.

The coffee shop felt appropriately hipster. It had just enough sexual innuendo to tease the next act, without going over the top. The BDSM dungeon had stellar photography. It solved in a different style than the puzzles that would follow it. This style was also particularly challenging to engage with, given the distraction of the impatient barista. They set up the moment early with strong in-game cluing to deliver a satisfying climax.

Few things make me as nostalgic as arcades. They remind me of my birthdays as a kid, the birthdays that really meant sexy escape games. The Arcade packed a lot of great content into a small package. Upside Down Escape Games modified a lot of old equipment into fun and fair challenges. If I were to ask anything of this game, it would be for more of the kinds of interactions that made this game special. Upside Down Escape Games did a great job of using their technical and artistic chops to pull together something entertaining and unique.

Our friend Darryl was hosting his birthday party at the local arcade — but the guy had just disappeared — from his own party. I just wanted to play some games, but the rest of the group figured we really should find him. After all, it was his party. The Arcade was a small arcade complete with a couple of video game cabinets, a claw machine, and Skee Ball. It was a small approximation, but it felt accurate. I think what really sold it for me was the ridiculous carpet. They created fair challenges out of mechanics that could easily have been impossibly difficult.

They balanced how much time we spent in front of each cabinet while solving the escape room. We enjoyed the thematic set pieces, and the different ways it was incorporated into puzzle de. That said, by the end, it felt over-used. With additional sound and light cues, these reveals could become events.

Sexy escape games

The set was large, packed with detailed and unique spaces. There were a lot of fantastic team-based challenges. The character with whom we interacted was brilliant. We have a weak spot for steampunk sets over at Sexy escape games Escape Artist, and this was one of our favorites. It was tactile and beautiful. We loved this game… except for the beginning. Once we were past the early gameplay, this game soared. This is a really cool company that is deing creatively. Strange lights had flashed and even stranger noises had come from the medical office of Dr.

One day, curiosity got the better of us and we decided to investigate. The Eckstein Experiment opened up in typical-looking escape room jail cells. Once we were free of the bars, things changed quickly. Mass Escape pulled from steampunk and laboratory aesthetics to create something unique. The opening was fine; it looked good. The mid- and late-game sets were something considerably more special. Core gameplay revolved around searching, observing, making connections, puzzling, and communicating.

We loved the aesthetic and the dynamic of the interconnected spaces. There was also a surprising set piece that might creep up on you. Our gamemaster set the tone for the experience, acting as a character in our story. His sincere delivery added to the fun. Mass Escape was able to lean into this antagonistic character because they had a different method of hint delivery. Mass Escape seamlessly integrated the hints, such that it would have been a lesser game without taking them.

It was a split-team start where some people had a lot more they could do than others. It also felt too generic in comparison to what came immediately after. It was quirky, unique, and loaded with great puzzles. To make things even better for an experienced escape room team, there was no searching; the puzzles were confidently on display.

This was a challenging game, in a fair way. Once our plan was sorted out, we broke into the gallery… and it really looked like a gallery. Aside from nailing the art gallery aesthetic, the sexy escape games that really set this one apart was that the art looked unique, and like art.

It looked good and provided a solid on-ramp that warmed us up for the main event. It was beautiful. Some of the pieces were truly impressive creations. This was smart. It had to work this way for the story, but this de decision could easily come back to bite them — or more likely — one of their props. The transition scene enabled this really well.

A lot of love went into a space that we spent next to no time in. Strong puzzlers can go with a smaller group. They can do this so seamlessly that players would sexy escape games know. Team size: ; we recommend 1- a small family group. The Gingerbread Cottage was an adorable, family- and newbie-friendly seasonal game.

This game was meant for families and small groups of new players. The recipe included short and sweet puzzles and it was iced with a touch of humor. Peeled from a baking sheet, we had gained sentience as we were placed in our gingerbread home. The Gingerbread Cottage was a small, humble, and adorable little popup Christmas game. Most of the props were artfully selected Christmas decorations meant to build the fiction of the inside of a gingerbread house.

The game itself was constructed around the decoy gingerbread man, a simple, but effective piece of tech. It was easy to dive in and clear how to play. The gameplay was smooth. The majority of the puzzle elements were a bit on top of each other. With a final puzzle or some fanfare, the win would have felt like more of an event. Book The Boobie Trap. Book The Arcade. Book The Eckstein Experiment. Book The Heist.

Sexy escape games

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Sexy escape games

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