Shipwrecked game how to get swords

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Hello everyone! Shipwrecked: Lost Island brings you on an adventure when you are on a ship and it breaks down. Along with many other people on the shipwreck, you are to lead them on an unknown island.

Shipwrecked game how to get swords

It is your job to bring your crewmates to survive and build a brand new and beautiful new civilization. For Android, it requires 3. Shipwrecked: Lost Island currently has between 10 million to 50 million installs, where on Google Play Store it has a rating of 4.

While on the iTunes store, it has a rating of 4. Shipwrecked: Lost Island was last updated on May 13, where they updated the team challenges, updated their interfaces, added new cities to explore; such as the underwater city of Atlantis, treasure hunt, and discover lost cargo and unlock the riches inside. Anyone of all ages can play, shipwrecked game how to get swords, it has a content rating of medium maturity, so if you are under age 13 you will need parental consent to connect to social medias, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Shipwrecked: Lost Island is a free game to play, but it is also a pay as you play game as well. In Shipwrecked: Lost Island, you will be able to go on an epic adventure to discover treasures and hidden secrets, there will be uncharted islands for you to explore, as well as seeing your very own colony flourish and prosper! In this castaway adventure, you will be able to explore the secret forest to discover uncharted territory, protect your civilization from the pirates, discover the lost cargo on the beach that contains secret treasures, uncover lost civilizations, and become the leader of this very new island adventure.

Shipwrecked: Lost Island also features team challenge seasons, where you an build your own team and compete in challenges together to earn rewards. There are new challenges every weekend, will you be able to reach the top? There are several important characters in Shipwrecked: Lost Island.

They will guide you through this game but with each character, they require purchase via gold bars. There are several interesting characters in Shipwrecked: Lost Island, one including Coral Seastar, a mermaid. Coral Seastar is a mischievous mermaid who lives on the cost of the Lost Island. A second interesting character would be Lord Bernie Bananapeel, although he takes the form of a mischievous money, he was actually a former human who was a pet and a pirate! In Shipwrecked: Lost Island, you will not only go on an epic adventure, but also meet many amazing people that you will connect to and grow on you!

In every colony, you must need food, therefore you need to farm and harvest crops. Crops in Shipwrecked: Lost Island are harvestable items that can be purchased from the Market and can serve as a primary income of coins. They can only be harvested once and every crop has a different harvest time. You can harvest but are not limited to the following crops: corn, turnip, squash, cabbage, pineapple, tropical grass, tea, sweet potato, watermelon, coffee, sugar cane, strawberries, tomatoes, chili peppers, soy beans, rice, and potato. As you advance through the levels of crops, they will cost more to plant as well as time to harvest them.

Shipwrecked game how to get swords

Corn and turnips both costs 5 coins to plant and 30 seconds to harvest, while time harvesting potatoes will take up to 48 hours. In Shipwrecked: Lost Island, there are also trees for you shipwrecked game how to get swords plant. Similar to crops, they can give you a source of income via coins, however, unlike crops, the trees can be harvested multiple times. Trees do take a certain amount of time to regenerate between harvests, and they must first be planted and watered before they can be harvested. You can get one tree for as low as 60 coins and it will take it 27 seconds to water and 5 minute to regenerate, or as much as 48 hours for it to water and 48 hours to regenerate.

Trees are separated into premium and non premium trees. There are two different types of buildings in Shipwrecked: Lost Island. Quest buildings are structures that are only available to you when you complete a quest successfully. Quest Buildings often require an expenditure of swords and other resources to find them, oftentimes they have several stages of construction, each stage requiring both special items and quest special items.

All of the listed Quest Buildings have two stages to them, excluding the Earth Pyramid. The Earth Pyramid has three stages, where the third stage is to find one monkey idol to find 2 swords. The Premium Buildings are available when you purchase them in the market using Shipwrecked: Lost Island premium currency, gold. Like the regular Quest Buildings, they often contain several stages of finding items. Shipwrecked: Lost Island is a fun an interactive simulation game that features adventure and treasure finding.

It fulfills the players inner Sherlock Holmes and teaches young children some history. Our predecessors before the United States of America was built also faced similar challenges like the shipwrecked game how to get swords in Shipwrecked: Lost Island. Although there were no fending off pirates, they did indeed start this great country with building colonies. Colonies were the beginning of everything we have, with exploring different territories and collecting and planting different plants.

Everything we have today is due to what our predecessors did. Shipwrecked: Lost Island allows us to relive something similar to what they faced, and reminds us to appreciate what we have today! If you are currently playing Shipwrecked Lost Island, you quickly might be realizing that you need a lot of silver, spirit, gold, and sword to help you get upgrades and new items.

The bad part is, it costs real money if you want to get these items from the app store, and most people hate paying for that. If you want to get silver, spirit, gold, and sword for free, you need to check out our hack tool, which we have made that gives you unlimited amounts of these items. Check out the picture below, which shows you how easily the hack tool is to use, with a simple options menu that guides you on where you need to input the values of each item you want to add.

Simply download the free Shipwrecked Lost Island hack tool on our website, which should take about 30 seconds, and then you will notice it automatically installs. You then will need to select either iOS or Android depending on which device you are using to play the game. At that point, simply enter the amounts of silver, spirit, gold, and sword that you want to add to your. You will notice that the silver, spirit, gold, and sword are added on to your gaming ready for you to use.

This hack tool lets you avoid having to ever pay for silver, spirit, gold, and sword in the game again. Shipwrecked: Lost Island is a highly fun and addictive game, as well as it is a play to pay game. In order to avoid paying for crops and trees to be harvested, there is one solution to this. Whenever you start to play Shipwrecked: Lost Island, you should plant and water the crops and trees first. This way, you can save all your treasure finding, quests, and adventure to the end so you can enjoy Shipwrecked: Lost Island without having to wait for the crops and trees to finish!

Swords are scarce and rare in Shipwrecked: Lost Island, so it is recommended to save all of them for something important and not spending them carelessly. The biggest advantage in Shipwrecked: Lost Island is that when you invite and play with your friends, you can get rewards. Rewards incudes in game currency as well as special game bonus items.

Furthermore, when your friends and you team challenges together, you can win big rewards and compete with other players around the world! Many games often have the time glitch bug, such as Shipwrecked: Lost Island! Spirits are used in Shipwrecked: Lost Island to speed up certain tasks such as buildings. However, we do not need to spend spirit now if we fast forward our mobile device or tablet time ahead. By doing so, the game server will not recognize this glitch, and they will automatically think that a certain amount of time has passed and all your tasks has been completed!

It is not suitable for buildings because when you correct your game device time back to the correct time, it will revert back to the original time you need to wait. Another great way for using the time glitch in Shipwrecked: Lost Island is to clear debris on the island.

Debris is good to collect coins, experience points, and resources, by doing this repeatedly, you can collect a good amount of income and resources. These free offers includes downloading different game apps and playing and opening them for at least 1 minute. Shipwrecked: Lost Island is a very fun and interactive game by Kiwi Inc, it is filled with many good game elements such as adventure, treasure hunting, and also friendly game competitions. The storyline is straight and to the point, where users can use their imagination to fill in the missing blanks.

They allow a lot of creativity and imagination space for players to create their own new colony. While although the gameplay is very interactive and with a lot of activities to do.

Shipwrecked game how to get swords

This is one of the main disadvantages and cons of Shipwrecked: Lost Island. In Shipwrecked: Lost Island, you need to harvest crops and trees as well as do Quest buildings to advance in this game. There are numerous varieties of crops and buildings to build and harvest, but they take super long to harvest.

It could take up to 48 hours to harvest one crop, and they are not repeatable. It is also very hard to find and obtain swords in Shipwrecked: Lost Island. Swords are super hard to obtain in Shipwrecked: Lost Island because it is one of the premium currency and items there.

The game developers made it extremely hard to earn them and the only ways to obtain them is through the daily reward or buy them. By buying the swords, you can use it in multiple ways in Shipwrecked: Lost Island, but buying them frequently could dent a hole in your wallet.

There are many characters in Shipwrecked: Lost Island, they are all interesting and each have their own unique perks and quirks. I really like how some of the characters have their own pets that also reflects on their owners personalities. They are all so cute and adorable! The characters all each have their own background stories that are worth uncovering and getting to know!

For example, Lord Bernie Bananapeal used to be a human being! How he became a monkey is unknown, but he is a talented sailor and a poet! The artwork can be clearly recognized as a game by Kiwi Inc. The colors in the artwork are simple yet colorful, they all match with each other. All the graphics fit the game theme, and they reflect the hopeful and optimistic views of Shipwrecked: Lost Island.

Shipwrecked game how to get swords

The background music of Shipwrecked: Lost Island is very calming yet perky, it allows the players to imagine themselves in a lost colony, and go off onto an adventure. However, if one plays a lot of other Kiwi Inc games, they will recognize some similarities from their other games. This is because although the storyline allows the players to have a lot of imagination and creativity, it is too similar to many of the other Kiwi Inc games.

Shipwrecked game how to get swords

Also, if they could add more of a mystery element to Shipwrecked: Lost Island, it could have made this game much more interesting than all the rest. Besides making your new colony a success and flourishing, you can also explore all the different stories of the characters and learn more about Shipwrecked: Lost Island. And even if there was, Kiwi Inc is very fast at fixing the problems!

Furthermore, there are no unnecessary and long tutorials for you to complete to play Shipwrecked: Lost Island. The lack of options to gain premium currency and items are also a big disadvantage in Shipwrecked: Lost Island. This is because if there were more options to obtain premium currency, it would increase the of players and draw in more attention and new fans for Shipwrecked: Lost Island.

They also offer a lot of story and originality in the cast and the general gameplay is very smooth in Shipwrecked: Lost Island. There are no noticeable bugs or glitches, besides the time glitch, and it can be said that Shipwrecked: Lost Island is a very worthy game to play. Tag: ios game android game comprehensive action arcade casual puzzle racing rpg simulation sports strategy mobile network game solution. Related articles Having trouble in your quest to defend your kingdom from those unruly human beings in Animas Online? Keep reading t

Shipwrecked game how to get swords

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