Slave trainer game

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Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Thread starter Onerglossi Start date Aug 31, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Onerglossi New Member. Feb 24, 3 0 Fantasy Slave Trainer is a text-based game that emulates the slave trade of a fantasy world. The player gets to play as a brothel owner only one available at the momentslave breeder or a slave trainer. Slaves all have their own personalities and characteristic so the player must keep that in mind while they're interacting with slaves.

There is a lot of depth to the slave training system, as you can train slave trainer game slave to be more feminine, masculine, slutty, etc or any combination of them, unlocking special titles for the slaves. Development blog here. Patreon here. The game is in its infancy but there is still hours of content for the player to explore. Since its a text-based game I can go in deep detail with how slaves can be trained.

Fantasy Slave Trainer 0. Depending on how wild a character looks due to piercings, tattoos not implemented yet and clothing not implemented yet a character's exoticism will rise. Currently this stat will increase the amount of money you can earn from the brothel.

Slave trainer game

Piercings were added! There are nine different types of piercings; ears, eyebrows, nose, tongue, lips, nipples, navel, cock and pussy. Each piercing type will have its own piercing tree you can go down to get more complex piercings but the trees are very simple. More will be added in the future.

Slave trainer game

FST 0. There will be a lot more interactions to be added, as well as interactions for the ranch, but this is just for testing. Depending on the slaves interaction their sensitivities can increase. They all have their own ups and downs and some are more expensive than others. Starting gold has been increased to k because slave quality is a lot higher now. Humans Common Humans are the most common and average traits. Dwarves Uncommon Dwarves have small breasts and cocks, and all of them have facial hair.

Gnomes Uncommon Gnomes are the smallest race alongside goblins. Giants Rare Not only are giants extremely tall, they have large cocks, breasts and are generally very athletic. Forest Elves Rare Forest elves, like most elves, are extremely beautiful. They also produce good quality nectar naturally.

Slave trainer game

High Elves Ultra-rare High elves are patriarchal in nature and their looks reflect that. The men have larger than average cocks, while the women have smaller than average breasts. Like most elves, they are extremely beautiful and produce good quality nectar naturally.

High Elves Ultra-rare High elves are matriarchal in nature and their looks reflect that. The women have larger than average breasts, while the men have smaller than average cocks. Canus Common Canus features are mainly human, but they do have dog like ears and tails.

Slave trainer game

Neko Common Neko features are mainly human, but they do have cat like ears and tails. Mongrel Uncommon Mongrels are a race of anthropomorphic dogs that live mainly in the forest. Male mongrels have knotted cocks and all mongrels are generally fit. Pantheran Uncommon Pantherans are a race of anthropomorphic cats that live slave trainer game in the forest.

Male pantherans have barbed cocks and all pantherans are generally fit. Minotaur Uncommon Minotaur features are mainly human but they have larger than average cocks, bull horns sprouting from their he, hoofed feet and are male only.

Holstaur Uncommon Holstaur features are mainly human but they have extremely large busts, produce high quality milk, small horns sprouting from their he, have hoofed feet and are female only. Moon Rabbits Rare Moon rabbits are a rare, forest dwelling race that have mainly human features but have bunny like ears and tails. They are known to be intelligent and beautiful. Goblin Common Goblins are a male only race of very small, large cocked monsters.

Orc Rare Orcs are very large athletic monsters that are generally stupid and very ugly. Males have extraordinarily large cocks that produce high quality cum except for the taste, which is generally very bad. Females have large breasts. There were nine added in all, in three different. Some paraphilias are harder to build a brothel around than others, some give more customers, some allow slaves to build more personal popularity. Gamepapa Well-Known Member.

Apr 18, 78 0 24 Hell. You have an interesting here cant wait to see it develop more.

Slave trainer game

Sep 28, 13 3. So there's a lot of requests for a male slut, what kind of training does that take exactly? Its fairly straightforward but it has quite a few options for the player. Obedience is a major factor in whether or not your slave will hate you if you have sex with them, so unless you like having fearful slaves you should only sex obedient slaves. There will be a lot more options in the future, but I'm just getting some of the bigger features out of the way atm. If you just want the title, you'll have to transform your slave into a female, train strumpetry to the max and then transform them back into a male.

Slave trainer game

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Slave trainer game

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