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April O'Neil is everyones favorite busty redhead news reporter in her city. And how could she not be? Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful with an amazing figure, she's a top notch reporter, always the first with the juiciest scoop. She's recently become aware of the group of mutated ninja turtles living in the sewers below the city. It's easily the biggest potential exclusive headline in her career - but, she's feeling conflicted. You see, she's really hit it off with the turtles, and considers them to be friends.

She doesn't know how the city will react if she breaks the story. Instead, she decides, she'll just treat them to her hot body. After all, she's been aching for some cock in her life anyways. Tmnt sex games four heroic turtles are more than happy to assist, shoving their cocks into her mouth, hands, pussy, and asshole as she works them like a true pro.

Being another game from Meet and Fuck Games, TMNT Orgy is the excellence you've come to expect out of them - great graphics, enjoyable gameplay, good controls, a good story, steamy sound effects, great humor, and of course lots and lots of hot and steamy action. This game even dials that up a notch, seeing as how it's pretty damn freaky of April to take multiple turtle cocks inside of her! Registered users can comment and rate games, contact other users, create favorite lists and more! Click below to install the latest version and then try again. Best Sex Games. Comments Be the first to leave a comment!

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Tmnt sex games

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