Yoai game

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I, however, believe that they are. There are a few reasons why I think it can also be considered otome. Firstly the community it's almost entirely female but that's because it's made for a female audience. Shonen-Ai are slightly rare and lower budget, some of the more accessible ones are on your phone. Shonen-Ai literally translates to boys love and focus more on the relationships of the men and their interactions.

Yoai game

They are more innocent. Yaoi Games are pretty common as far as BL games are considered. Yaoi deals with the more adult and sexual themes of gay love. Bara is the only type that I do not consider an otome because it is specifically catered to a gay male audience.

They are even more rare than the Shonen-Ai games. Personally my favorite of the three is Shonen-Ai like Our Kingdom. No that's actually a manga. I gave examples already. But I have more!!! So now that I've explained that how about I share some upcoming games I found that look pretty Just yoai game few BL Games I am looking foward to. I like the MC. It's really cool to have a struggling artist as yoai game MC even with his interesting taste. I'll leave that part a secret. The MC has just left home to attend a new bording school and gets lost often because of his poor sence of direction or at least that's what he tell his mom.

The MC also has a bit of a tongue he's suprisingly really snarky. It has a twisted story and it's sad but I like the concept. It's about a kid that accidentally killed someone and is trying to start over but can't really. They have a demo out right now.

Yoai game

This game was being translated by Sekai Project but it is currently in hiatus. But still I think it looks interesting! It's about an MC that is getting stalked. It reminds me of killing stalking a bit! This game was developed by Date Nighto, which is the same creaters as Hustle cat. I yoai game gotten a chance to play it yet but it looks really good. It's a "Mystery in Deep Space" sounds cool, right?

It came out before Hustle cat in May of It's looks sweet I really liked the main bae, Yuki Kamitani. It's a mobile game and my favorite mobile so far. Really, as far as Yaoi games go this one is world famous. It has an anime made in it's likeness although most would argue they aren't very simular. It's may be more of a visual novel with the way the game play is set up with very little options and a ton of time in between each option. This is a fairly long game. It's enjoyable if you like the more smutty side of yaoi.

DRAMatical Murder is a trigger warning on top a trigger warning! Any warning you can yoai game of this game probably has it. It's seriously pretty grimm at times. Where could I download November boy? It says from steam but I can't seem to find it on steam. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Are BL Games considered Otome? What do y'all think? November boy. Break Chance Memento. No, Thank You!!!

Sentimental Trickster. Nocturnal Affairs. November Boy. Starfighter Eclipse. Feral Boyfriend. DRAMatical Murder.

Yoai game

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Yoai game

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